myFitment Support Staff Acts as Your Representative

Amazon’s fitment process differs from eBay in that all fitment files are processed asynchronously. eBay offers API integration for fitment, and this means “instant gratification” in terms of seeing the results of your fitment work instantly. Amazon’s process is much more of a black box, with visible results coming within 1-2 days of fitment creation.

Occasional code changes at Amazon can cause this process to experience significant delays. Although Amazon usually provides feedback on validation within mere minutes, several other things need to happen at Amazon in order for your fitment to post correctly. Occasionally, due to the complexities of the Amazon fitment system, there needs to be a follow-up between the seller and Amazon Support.

Amazon Tier I Seller Support representatives, like those at most large companies, operate off of a script. Amazon Support also deals with sellers of many different vertical product lines, the majority of which do not require the specialized knowledge of the Automotive Aftermarket. The iterative communication is necessary to resolve problems with a Tier I representative means that your problem may not be solved in a satisfactory amount of time. In the event of fitment errors that are causing inflated returns, this can be detrimental to your business:

  • Inflated returns
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Bad reviews

myFitment sellers at the Premium and VIP levels who sell on Amazon enjoy a special benefit: Our Amazon Advocate service. myFitment Support Staff interacts with Amazon at the Support and Part Finder team levels to ensure you receive a timely response to your fitment issue. The myFitment staff has been involved in sending ACES XML data to Amazon for over 10 years. Our relationships and our knowledge of Amazon’s fitment operations help us to quickly spot issues affecting your fitment and achieve a timelier resolution than is generally achieved by interacting with Amazon Tier I Seller Support.

myFitment is excited to help our Premium and VIP customers quickly get answers to their Amazon issues. In many cases, our expertise can eliminate the need to open a support case at Amazon in the first place.