Amazon FAQ

Here are some questions we’re getting a lot of. If you don’t see your question, head over to the myFitment Help Center and ask there, ask a question by clicking on the speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner of any page on our site, fill out our contact form.

Amazon needs information about the vehicles that parts fit in order to expose your listings to the Amazon Part Finder. Amazon users buy parts by looking them up by year, make, model and other attributes. This is fitment.

Over 800 million lines or original fitment since 2014.

If you already have your brand code, then you can send fitment immediately upon signing up. Today. If you don’t have your brand code, it will be in 1-2 days. However, you can enter or upload all of your fitment immediately, and do a bulk republish after obtaining your brand code.

For our base fee, you get access to our powerful technology that allows you to either key in your fitment data inside the user interface, or upload your fitment data using our ACES Flat File upload template.

However, we may be able to aid you in fitment acquisition through our Inquisitor service. For more information on Inquisitor, contact us clicking on the speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner of any page on our site, fill out our contact form.

Our staff will do that for you. Tell us in the chat box after you have signed up and we will get your code registered. We do LOTS of these, and can get them done extremely quickly.

It depends.If your upload is compliant with ACES or eBay, then you can upload hundreds of thousands of records at once.

If it is your own custom data, it may require a conversion. Oftentimes fitment contains arcane engine codes, OEM part number references, and other pieces of text that simply cannot be understood without a human being seeing it in context. But we can help. We convert millions of lines of custom fitment for customers each year, and we have very powerful technology that allows us to do it much faster, and more efficiently than our competition.

No! The vehicle standards change at least once a month, so managing your compatibility is an ongoing process. Any service that implies that you can “Fit and Forget” simply does not understand the industry or the importance of fitment data as a business asset.

Each time you create or delete a fitment from one of your parts, that data is being sent immediately to Amazon! Do it as often as you like, and rest assured that your data is being published automatically. You will see the proof on your listings, and the Amazon Info that is tied to your fitment from the data Amazon sends back to us (processing reports).

Amazon states on their website that it can take up to one week for fitment to appear on your listings. If it takes longer, you may be experiencing a problem in matching the correct part numbers that you gave to Amazon, or there may be a discrepancy in the way your brand name is spelled in the industry brand table versus what you communicated to Amazon. But we can help with both! If your data still has not shown up after one week, please file a support case and we will contact Amazon on your behalf to find the problem. Be sure to include a link to one of your Amazon products in your support case.

Please also monitor this document, as we update it frequently when there are delays at Amazon.

myFitment communicates all data to Amazon via the AMTU. Our staff has been doing it that way for 10 years.

myFitment automatically processes all of the results of your Processing Reports and ties the results to each and every line of fitment in your database so that you always have complete transparency into when Amazon received your data, as well as the Document ID and all relevant information.

myFitment offers 24-hour live chat support during weekdays.

Yes! If your customers require ACES XML, we offer an ACES XML download for you to disseminate however you like. And we know which versions each of the major resellers wants.

Yes, yes, and yes. A myFitment user is anyone who is serious about selling compatibility-enabled products on Amazon.

The credit card you use will be billed automatically each month. You can cancel at any time. Please contact support to request a cancellation. We would also like to know why you are leaving us, and if you would be so kind as to enlighten us, it may help us to serve our customers better.

You can register for myFitment and watch the Amazon videos and documentation in the Help section of the application. Then you are ready to begin!