Category: About Sending Fitment to Amazon

What Happens After Amazon Receives the Fitment Data?

After Amazon sends back the processing report, there are still several steps that take place at Amazon before you will see your fitment There are many moving parts involved with successfully getting fitment data posted in the Amazon Part Finder, and on your listings. Here are the steps Amazon takes

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I Didn’t Add Those Vehicles in My Amazon Listing!

How supplying Amazon with “OEM Number” can cause Big Trouble with your fitment. Some customers have learned that there are vehicles on their Amazon listings that they never entered in myFitment. One of the things that can cause this issue is if you supplied an OEM Number as part of

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How Do I Know if My Data Made it to Amazon?

Please see below for the answer to our most popular support question. Congratulations! You have successfully created fitment, and our myFitment application has communicated it in ACES XML format to Amazon automatically for you. But you need proof that it was sent. After all, you just looked at the Compatibility

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