How Do I Delete a Fitment?

Delete incorrect fitment to avoid costly returns Given a long enough timespan, you have a 100% chance of experiencing a return due to having an incorrect fitment attached to your product or listings. It’s important to react immediately in order to stem the tide of costly returns that could result from not correcting the situation. […]

Need a Larger/Smaller Account?

Adjust your subscription size to meet your needs Go to Profile -> My Subscriptions: 2. Click the Edit link to the right of the subscription you want to upgrade:     3. Choose the correct level for the number of listings that are in myFitment:  4. Click the “Update Subscription” button.

How to Add a Brand in myFitment

Enter your Auto Care Association Brand Code to send data to Amazon After you have received your Brand Code from the Auto Care Association (, you need to add it to myFitment. Click on Products –> Manage Brands in myFitment: Then click the New button: Enter the Brand Label that you created from the Auto […]

How to Connect your myFitment Account to ChannelAdvisor

Keep your eBay fitment flowing to ChannelAdvisor to avoid errors How do I connect to my ChannelAdvisor account? Connecting myFitment to your ChannelAdvisor account will ensure that your fitment stays up to date on eBay at all times. Also, you will avoid errors during item revisions due to your ChannelAdvisor listings being out of sync […]

How to View Your VIP Billing Statement

View your VIP billing statement in detail each month See Your Invoices Online myFitment subscribers participating in our eBay VIP program can now view their billing details online. To see your billing statement and fee calculations, click on the Profile link in the menu bar, and then click “My Invoices.” Figure 1 New Invoices Page […]