Export Fitment Reports

Easily Download Your Fitment to Excel Format myFitment provides several report layouts that allow you to get your hands on your fitment in Excel format for bulk editing and other uses. Microsoft Excel enables you to view and manipulate fitment information in bulk, when necessary. Rather than force users to perform repetitive processes in a […]

Automated Fitment Validation

myFitment Helps You Manage Fitment as a Business Asset Vehicle fitment, for both the eBay standard and the ACES automotive standard, is compared against target databases that represent point-in-time knowledge of vehicle configurations. These vehicle datasets are created and managed by groups of people who research vehicles and record the information in vehicle tables like […]

myFitment Knowledge Base

You Are Here! Vehicle fitment is a vast universe consisting of topics including validation, holes, formatting, part types, inheritance, variations, and hundreds more. It is a problem domain that can require many years to master (that’s why we believe it deserves its own solution!). While myFItment strives to make the management of this critical business […]

Amazon Integration

myFitment Communicates Your Fitment Directly to Amazon The myFitment staff has been sending fitment to Amazon for over 10 years. During this time, and probably into the future, Amazon has accepted only ACES XML fitment data. The myFitment staff has been creating ACES XML fitment for a long time. If you have read Amazon’s ACES information sheet, […]

eBay Integration

myFitment is Integrated with eBay’s API Our staff aided eBay in the creation of their MVL over 10 years ago, and we have been sending fitment data to eBay since they have been able to receive it. Our expertise with ACES information translates directly to working with eBay. Unlike Amazon, eBay accepts fitment data only […]

NewEgg Integration

myFitment Integrates via FTP and API Our newest integration partner is NewEgg. NewEgg is accepting ACES XML fitment data via FTP, and myFitment has integrated over that protocol. Additionally, NewEgg is accepting specially aggregated fitment data via API to appear on the listings themselves. This is a big plus for SEO, as it will help […]

Fitment Copy via User Interface

Copy Fitment Directly Into Your eBay Listings From Any Seller Perhaps myFitment’s most popular feature is Copy Fitment. eBay users can copy fitment from any eBay listing, directly into your own listings. It’s extremely simple, and it represents a huge value in terms of cost savings and time to market. Likewise, you can copy fitment and modify […]

Fitment Copy via Upload

Copy Fitment to Your Listings in Bulk myFitment Preferred, Premium, and VIP level subscribers can dramatically reduce their internal labor costs and improve their speed to market by using our Fitment Copy Via Upload feature. The normal process of launching a multitude of new listings, of any kind, includes: Assembling product information Setting prices Aggregating […]

ChannelAdvisor Integration

Supercharge Your Parts & Accessories Listings With Fitment ChannelAdvisor’s multi-channel eCommerce solutions provide sellers with a seamless way to manage inventory, aggregate, and publish product data to multiple marketplaces. In the Parts & Accessories space, fitment is a critical piece to enjoying marketplace and website success. ChannelAdvisor customers can utilize myFitment’s Inquisitor service to gain […]

Convert ACES/Amazon Fitment into eBay Fitment

A seamless, 100% automated solution to quickly transform your fitment Note: This article applies to Automotive Parts & Accessories only, as opposed to Power Sports sellers. The Problem One of the most frequent requests we receive is fitment transformation. Many sellers, especially established brand owners, have done their homework with respect to fitment in the […]