Supercharge Your Parts & Accessories Listings With Fitment

ChannelAdvisor’s multi-channel eCommerce solutions provide sellers with a seamless way to manage inventory, aggregate, and publish product data to multiple marketplaces. In the Parts & Accessories space, fitment is a critical piece to enjoying marketplace and website success.

ChannelAdvisor customers can utilize myFitment’s Inquisitor service to gain access to valuable data to push their listings to the top of the competitive heap. This data includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Fitment for automotive, industrial, and powersports segments
  • Rich and descriptive Item Specifics
  • Digital Images
  • Category Information
  • Product Descriptions
  • Titles

How It Works

myFitment integrates to ChannelAdvisor in two ways:

  • API – For fitment that is added through the myFitment user interface. The first four fields correspond to connecting myFitment to ChannelAdvisor via API.
  • FTP – For bulk publication of digital assets, fitment, titles, and more. The FTP fields in the form below will ensure that myFitment sends flat files to the appropriate FTP directory

API Setup

On the Settings page for the myFitment subscription you wish to tie to your ChannelAdvisor account, you are presented with text fields that correspond to your ChannelAdvisor account, profile, and fitment landing field information:

Figure 1

Each field label contains a tooltip explaining the format of its respective identifier.

To find the Profile ID, log in to your ChannelAdvisor account, then click on the link illustrated below:

Figure 2

This will open a page that will show you your Profile ID. See below:

Figure 3


Copy and paste that profile ID back to the myFitment page in Figure 1. 

Then click the “Update Subscription” button and return to your ChannelAdvisor page.

After clicking the Update Subscription button, a request for access will appear within your ChannelAdvisor account. You must approve this request for myFitment to access your ChannelAdvisor account in order for myFitment to publish your fitment data to ChannelAdvisor.

You will see something similar to Figure 4 below.

Figure 4

Copy and paste the Account ID above. Click “Approve Access.” Return to the myFitment page in Figure 1 and paste the Account ID.

Fitment Attribute

To fill out the last field, you will need to either know what fitment attributes you are going to use for your eBay data, or you will need to create one. To view your attributes, follow the instructions in Figure 5 below. If you need assistance, contact a ChannelAdvisor support representative.

Figure 5

Cut and paste the attribute name back into the myFitment page in Figure 1. Click “Update Subscription” again. This is the final step.


Once you complete the Authorization process, myFitment will automatically publish your eBay fitment to your ChannelAdvisor account, rather than to eBay directly. This is important because if you are a ChannelAdvisor customer who uses myFitment to publish fitment directly to eBay, your ChannelAdvisor account will remove your fitment each time an item revision is made within ChannelAdvisor.

Ongoing Maintenance

ChannelAdvisor stores this fitment information in a static text field. eBay updates its Master Vehicle List each quarter. As such, your fitment information will occasionally become out of date. You will know when a listing’s fitment is out of date in your ChannelAdvisor account when you receive errors during the item update process.

eBay automatically updates your fitment information on-site, so your fitment on eBay remains valid. It’s important when this occurs to re-import that listing from eBay into your myFitment account and republish it to ChannelAdvisor. This is easily accomplished using the “down arrow” and “up arrow” icons next to the affected listing in the myFitment listing management screen, accessible by the Listings menu item:

FTP Setup – Navigating with the Classic Interface

ChannelAdvisor has two user interfaces, a classic view, and a new interface. We outline how to navigate to the FTP settings for each below:

FTP Setup – Classic Interface FTP Page

In the General Settings below, create your Push FTP Login Prefix and record it in your myFitment setup page (shown at the beginning of this document.

FTP Setup – Navigating with the New Interface

FTP Setup – New Interface FTP Page

The new interface FTP page is very similar to that of the classic view. In the General Settings below, create your Push FTP Login Prefix and record it in your myFitment setup page (shown at the beginning of this document.

User Information

Enter your ChannelAdvisor access information, and include the ChannelAdvisor FTP Push Prefix that you set up in the previous step in the form of the FTP username, followed by a colon:

Your directory should be either Inventory or Inventory/Transform. Please check with your ChannelAdvisor account representative.