A seamless, 100% automated solution to quickly transform your fitment

Note: This article applies to Automotive Parts & Accessories only, as opposed to Power Sports sellers.

The Problem

One of the most frequent requests we receive is fitment transformation. Many sellers, especially established brand owners, have done their homework with respect to fitment in the past. They either realized it was necessary to have ACES fitment data in order to be successful on Amazon, or a traditional channel reseller has told them that it was a prerequisite for gaining their business.

And so, they’ve paid a 3rd party DIFM vendor to transform their fitment into ACES. Now that they’re established, they begin to look for new marketplaces on which to showcase their products. eBay MOTORS is a primary target because of the size and scope of the marketplace.

And so, a new challenge has arisen. The ACES data that represents a nontrivial investment can’t be uploaded to eBay. The seller has an ACES XML file, and perhaps a CSV representation of this data. But ACES contains over 40 attributes, while eBay’s MVL has only 5 vehicle configuration fields: Year, Make, Model, Trim, and Engine.

Our Solution

The great news is that myFitment has fully automated the transformation of ACES XML data into eBay MVL format. Our proprietary algorithm ensures that 100% of the ACES attributes are converted into eBay MVL format, with fields not represented in eBay converted into standardized English notes. These notes are appended to any existing notes, complete with industry-accepted prefixes and suffixes where necessary.

A daunting conversion task is made simple at myFitment with a subscription at the Premium or VIP level.

Volume Resellers

If you are a reseller that receives a steady stream of ACES XML files on a monthly or quarterly basis, contact us about offering you an end-to-end automated solution. For select volume customers, myFitment is able to offer secure FTP drop and pick-up sites for your ACES XML to eBay transformations.