Updated 8/1/2017 - Amazon has implemented a fix which has resulted in vastly better processing time

Amazon informed myFitment on 8/1/2017 that they have implemented a code fix to process the 6-week backlog of data that began to pile up after their February full file implementation. For the past 6 months, myFitment sellers, and all automotive sellers worldwide, experienced delays in their data processing at Amazon anywhere from a month to over 6 weeks.

Amazon has stated that as of 7/31, data processing for myFitment customers was only one day behind. This is a fantastic piece of news for our customers and for myFitment. We thank all of the customers that have been patient as Amazon has worked through this issue for the past 6 months.

Please note that the status reported here covers all Amazon automotive sellers worldwide, and not merely customers of myFitment. It is recommended that you read this document at least twice a week to keep abreast of any processing changes at Amazon.

Please follow these instructions to find the details you will need to open a support case with Amazon Seller Support to find out when your data will post. It is CRITICAL that you provide Amazon Seller Support with the Amazon Document ID(s) that you find using the aforementioned instructions.

If Amazon Seller Support asks you if you are supplying ACES XML over the AMTU, tell them:

“Yes, my ACES XML is provided over the AMTU by myFitment, and my Amazon Document ID is , and it was sent on .”

Other Updates (from Amazon):

“The Full Replacement Fitment Data Feed functionality has officially launched and been fully deployed to production. We started processing fitment data feeds according to the new logic associated with this functionality on 5/4/17, and the feeds were monitored to ensure everything was working correctly.”

Also From Amazon:

“Newly uploaded fitment data may take up to 1 week to match to products that already exist on Amazon. If you are uploading fitment data to match to newly created products on Amazon, it may take as long as 3 weeks for changes to reflect.”

Please also familiarize yourself with how Amazon processes fitment data by reading the articles found here:

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