eBay FAQ

Here are some questions we’re getting a lot of. If you don’t see your question, head over to the Support Forum and ask there, or contact us directly.

Generating fitment functionality using eBay’s built-in tool, as well as the tools offered by traditional listing providers, is extremely labor-intensive. An inordinate amount of time has to be spent to add just a few fitments for a single listing. myFitment users add thousands of fitments for multiple listings in minutes because our tool was created by fitment professionals from the aftermarket community with decades of experience maximizing fitment productivity. Additionally, our competitor’s tools have no easy way to spot missed fitment opportunities. People won’t buy what they can’t see online. myFitment users take advantage of new fitment opportunities that are presented to them.

eBay users will be more familiar with the term “compatibility.” It means the same thing. It’s the vehicles that a particular part fits.

That’s what our high-demand Inquisitor service does. Contact us today!

No. Fitment can be a very tricky business, and the computer algorithm that would be required for something like this simply does not exist. Oftentimes fitment contains arcane engine codes, OEM part number references, and other pieces of text that simply cannot be understood with a human being seeing it in context. Please contact myFitment support at support@myfitment.com if you would like to receive a data conversion quote. Converting massive amounts of raw data is a specialty of ours.

No! The vehicle standards change at least once a month, so managing your compatibility is an ongoing process. Any service that implies that you can “Fit and Forget” simply does not understand the industry.

Every time you add or remove fitment in myFitment, it is published to eBay instantly!

Immediately! Seriously, refresh your screen on your eBay listing. It’s there 😉

We have an awesome documentation library and 24-hour chat support during weekdays!

Yes, yes, and yes. A myFitment user is anyone who is serious about selling compatibility-enabled products on eBay.

The credit card you use will be billed automatically each month. You can cancel at any time. Please contact us at support@myfitment.com to request a cancellation. We would appreciate finding out why you are leaving in case it can better serve our clients in the future.

You can register for myFitment and authorize myFitment to use your eBay account. Then you import your eBay Motors listings and any existing fitments, and you are ready to go.