Convert eBay fitment to ACES/Amazon fitment

One of the most frequent requests we receive is fitment translation from Amazon to eBay or vice versa. Most North American online selling platforms use the ACES standard. eBay has its own standard called the Master Vehicle List or MVL. Because of differences between ACES and the MVL, fitment from eBay was not usable on other selling platforms, that use ACES, until now.

myFitment recommends that sellers of automotive parts originate their data using ACES with a myFitment Amazon subscription. Sellers that create their data in ACES can have it transformed into eBay MVL fitment using our fully automated solution. Sellers that create ACES data can literally go anywhere with it using myFitment with no transformation effort.

We also recognize that so many sellers have authored their data in eBay’s MVL because of the ease of use of the flat file standard. In the past, these sellers have had to pay 3rd parties to write custom code to transform this data if they wanted to obtain ACES data for Amazon or Wal-Mart. It’s one of the most common requests that we get at myFitment.

myFitment’s eBay to ACES transformation services takes your eBay MVL fitment directly to ACES, where it can be downloaded as both text or a valid ACES XML file. And it’s available at the click of a link.

Our automated services work for 90% of auto parts sellers. Sellers of very specialized parts, such as transmission parts, or parts that fit only 4WD vehicles, occasionally require additional work. The myFitment staff can map this data over to 100% ACES compliance rapidly at a rate commensurate with the quantity of data to be mapped.

ACES data also requires that customers identify a valid ACES Part Type from the ACES Part Classification Database (PCdb). Sellers are responsible for choosing valid Part Types for each of their products. myFitment makes this easy by providing an updated, complete list of ACES valid Part Types in our Help-> Downloads and Templates section.

Our Premium and VIP customers have unlimited access to our eBay to ACES reports. Contact the myFitment Customer Success Team today to find out how we can transform your valuable eBay MVL fitment data and take your show on the road!