Reacting quickly to VeRO violations is critical to avoiding suspensions

VeRO is eBay’s “verified rights owner program”, which allows companies and rights holders to report listings that they feel are infringing on their intellectual property. What this means to eBay sellers is that you cannot use word titles that make it sound like the listing is from the actual copyrighted brand. This does not mean you can not sell branded products. You are just prohibited from using words in listing titles that insinuate your listing is a product being sold by the copyrighted brand owner.

Brands and OEMs vary in their sensitivity to VeRO violations. Subaru, for instance, does not allow the word Subaru to appear anywhere in the title. Most other OEMs require the words “Fits” or “For” to appear before their trademark name. So, while a title of:

12-B Rear Windshield Wiper Blade Nissan Pathfinder Xterra Murano MDX

would trigger a VeRO violation, changing it to:

12-B Rear Windshield Wiper Blade Fits Nissan Pathfinder Xterra Murano MDX

would satisfy the brand owner that the listing is not being presented as branded by their intellectual property.

Sellers that can not react quickly to VeRO violations run the risk of high-performing listings being shut down by eBay. Even worse, repeated violations will lead to store suspensions.

myFitment offers eBay subscribers a tool that identifies VeRO copyright violations. After these identifications, myFitment sellers can fix their titles themselves, or use our automated service to fix the titles.

Ask your Customer Success representative how myFitment’s VeRO identification service can help you comply with eBay’s copyright infringement policies, avoid costly suspensions, and keep your store operating at peak performance.