Copy Fitment to Your Listings in Bulk

myFitment Preferred, Premium, and VIP level subscribers can dramatically reduce their internal labor costs and improve their speed to market by using our Fitment Copy Via Upload feature. The normal process of launching a multitude of new listings, of any kind, includes:

  • Assembling product information
  • Setting prices
  • Aggregating the data into a format that can be digested by your listing management software

These three, nontrivial steps, require significant time and capital investment. For Automotive and Power Sports Parts & Accessories sellers, have to deal with three additional steps:

  • Researching fitment
  • Aggregating and formatting the fitment
  • Data entry

These steps can dwarf the previous three in terms of the amount of labor investment required. Worse yet, they significantly stretch out the time to market for the products you want to sell.

Those merchants selling 3rd party brands, perhaps through drop-ship agreements with Parts & Accessories distributors, will find that these distributors are frequently “light” on the fitment information that is necessary to sell them.

eBay has a parts catalog available that contains hundreds of brands and part numbers. However, especially for Performance & Accessory sellers, this information is out-of-date. These sellers, in particular, rely upon fitment for brand new vehicles, including those just hitting dealer lots across the country. That information is frequently missing from eBay’s catalog.

Yet this fitment information is still available and has already been researched by the brand owner and others. myFitment’s user interface allows sellers to move this fitment into your listings on a one-by-one level with just a few clicks. However, when launching thousands, or tens of thousands, of listings, this becomes an untenable solution.

Users subscribing at the Preferred, Premium, and VIP levels have the option of uploading a single spreadsheet containing an unlimited number of listings and fitment targets. After upload, myFitment will target the listings you specify, and move that fitment into your corresponding listings.

The format is a simple Excel spreadsheet:

It’s a fire-and-forget process. Uploading a single sheet can move fitment for thousands of listings that you have personally selected into your own listings. Our Fitment Copy Upload process completely eliminates your aggregation and data entry process!

For a completely automated process, where myFitment will select the listings for you, see our Inquisitor service.