Delete incorrect fitment to avoid costly returns

Given a long enough timespan, you have a 100% chance of experiencing a return due to having an incorrect fitment attached to your product or listings. It’s important to react immediately in order to stem the tide of costly returns that could result from not correcting the situation.

To delete a fitment in myFitment, go to Products –> View Products in the menu:

To see fitment for a particular product, you will click on the icon that looks like an eye next to the product of your choice. Hovering over the icons will explain that icon’s function:

On the Fitment page for that product, you will see another row of icons. Hovering over the “x” icon will show you that the function is “Delete this fitment”:

Once you delete this fitment, one of the following things happens:

For Amazon/NewEgg and any receiver of ACES data:

  • A Delete record is created and sent. This signals to the receiver that they need to Delete the associated record.
  • It is up to the receiver how long it takes to respond. But Amazon sellers will see proof that the record was accepted by verifying the Amazon Info on the Fitment page for the product.
  • Do not attempt to verify deletion at Amazon via the Product Compatibility Chart, as the internal program at Amazon that updates this information can take up to 30 days to run.
  • Oftentimes marketplaces and even traditional sellers do a substandard job of correctly processing Delete records.
  • In the event that a bad fitment has not been removed from your listing within 14 days, it may be necessary to send a complete Replacement file. This will completely replace your fitment data at the marketplace. Please contact myFitment support to request a Full ACES XML file be sent to Amazon for you.

For eBay:

  • The remaining fitment is resent for the listing, resulting in an immediate deletion of the bad fitment on the eBay listing.