Keep your eBay fitment flowing to ChannelAdvisor to avoid errors

How do I connect to my ChannelAdvisor account?

Connecting myFitment to your ChannelAdvisor account will ensure that your fitment stays up to date on eBay at all times. Also, you will avoid errors during item revisions due to your ChannelAdvisor listings being out of sync with fitment.

To connect your myFitment account to your ChannelAdvisor account:

Go to Profile -> My Subscriptions
Click the “Settings” link next to your eBay subscription.
In the box on the screen that says “Send Data to:,” select “Channel Advisor.”
Enter the appropriate information in the three fields:

Fitment Attribute Name: This is the custom Channel Advisor field that you set up to store fitment for eBay.
Profile ID: This is an 8-digit number identifying your Channel Advisor profile
Account ID: This is a long hex string containing dashes that identify your eBay store at Channel Advisor. Ex.: 16dfbf4d-126e-44aa-88e9-027ce7919438

After you click the “Update Subscription” button, myFitment will send an authorization request to your Channel Advisor account. You must then log in to Channel Advisor and approve the request.

Now, as you add vehicles in myFitment, those vehicles will be loaded directly into your ChannelAdvisor account, where your listings will be marked for update to eBay automatically.