View your VIP billing statement in detail each month

See Your Invoices Online

myFitment subscribers participating in our eBay VIP program can now view their billing details online. To see your billing statement and fee calculations, click on the Profile link in the menu bar, and then click “My Invoices.”

Figure 1

New Invoices Page

On the Invoices screen, you will see past invoices as well as your upcoming invoice and when each is due.

Next to each invoice is a link called “Line Items.” Clicking this link will show you the line items that make up a particular invoice.

Figure 2

Invoice Detail

Inside the Line Items page, you will see a line for your myFitment subscription fee and a line for your VIP billing statement.

Figure 3

Detailed Billing Statement

Clicking on the log file icon, as seen in Figure 3, will download an Excel statement detailing your sales per item, whether each item is in the VIP program and the fee that was calculated. An example fee statement is in Figure 4 below.

Figure 4

Monthly Statement

All myFitment subscribers receive a monthly emailed invoice sent to the email address on file. VIP customers will also see VIP line items on this statement.