myFitment's Most Powerful Feature

myFitment has always offered Parts & Accessory sellers the ability to copy fitment from other listings directly into their own. There are two ways to use this feature:

  • Fitment Copy via User Interface (available to all subscription levels)
  • Fitment Copy via Upload (available to Preferred, Premium, and VIP subscription levels)

myFitment’s Inquisitor service now takes this process one step further by offering you additional automation. Inquisitor uses a proprietary algorithm to search brands and part numbers for fitment for your listings. Inquisitor can even target or avoid specific sellers.

myFitment sellers can track competing listings and instantly augment their fitment, item specifics, title, and more to gain an edge on the competition:

Inquisitor can assign fitment for tens of thousands of listings in a very short amount of time. This Inquisitor feature helps to get your fitment data to market quickly, short-circuiting an arduous research and data entry process.

Getting to market quickly also means you aren’t losing sales during all the months your data entry process would take. Inquisitor is even faster than obtaining data from the manufacturer themselves.

Inquisitor is able to search, aggregate, and publish a variety of product data points and category information, and is able to target an unlimited number of brands and parts for each of your listings.

Curious about the coverage you could receive for products you haven’t listed yet? No problem. Upload a Match File consisting of just Brand and Part Number, and Inquisitor will show you up to 20 of the top sellers of that item. You can use that information to create your listings and ensure your item will be a top performer!