Chat Live With myFitment Support and Engineering Staff!

Customers subscribing to the Preferred, Premium, and VIP levels get live access to myFitment Support and Engineering staff. By clicking on the “speech bubble” icon in the lower right-hand corner of your myFitment screen, you can interact with a real myFitment staff member to ask your fitment-related questions.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer your questions on their own or supplement their responses with saved replies and Knowledge Base articles if your question is similar to any that have been asked in the past. We leverage support questions to continue to grow our Knowledge Base and strive to be very conscientious in growing the depth and breadth of articles that we make available to our users as well as the general public.

On any myFitment screen, you will see the following icon:

Clicking on this icon will bring up a chat window. You will see the picture of the staff member with whom you’re interacting with and be able to engage them directly.

In addition to responding to your questions, our staff will send important messages through this interface to all our users where applicable. Occasionally we will even reach out to you directly if you are online, and we spot anything anomalous with your data and want to inform you.

The Live Chat feature has helped us to build great relationships with our valued customers. We enjoy the interaction and look forward to working with you via our Live Chat interface.