myFitment Kitment

Selling kits can increase your sales and make you an industry leader, instead of a follower. However, kit sellers often leave money on the table due to inaccuracy and incompleteness of their fitment data. In an era of increasing competition and shrinking margins, motivated sellers are looking for ways to increase their profits. One way of doing this is through better fitment for their kits.

Kits allow sellers to market bundled components at a combined price that is less costly for their customers than collective individual prices. Discounts increase sales. Shipping kitted components, simultaneously from a single supplier, results in improved margins. However, many sellers only market their kits’ fitment for a limited subset of vehicles they have identified. They see sales coming in and think, “That’s good.”

However, without complete and accurate fitment for their kits, sellers may be significantly short changing their profit potential. There’s no real way to see what is being missed, resulting in missed opportunities. While it’s easier than ever to create an online store, it is still a daunting task to compare and aggregate fitment information for multiple combinations of products.

Until now.

myFitment introduces Kitment™, a revolution in the creation of kit listings for brand owners and drop shippers alike. Kitment leads sellers through the process of Kit Fitment Creation by collecting, transforming, and unifying fitment across any number of brands, categories, and parts that you choose.  Kitment offers something for every auto parts and accessories kit seller, from the aspiring kit creator to the seasoned professional. myFitment sellers utilizing Kitment can:

  • Create and deploy kit fitment through an easy point-and-click user interface.
  • Perform a fitment audit on their existing kits to find missing fitment.
  • Establish kit fitment for parts and accessories specified in an easy-to-use upload template.

Kitment will guide you through the kit component selection process with a simple workflow. It’s as easy as targeting a single vehicle for your kit. If you include pricing data, Kitment can show you your potential gross profit while you’re creating the kit!

Contact myFitment today to find out how you can build profit in a competitive environment with Kitment.