Number of Brands Managed on Amazon

Amazon receives fitment information via brand and part number. Each brand must be registered with the Automotive Care Association (ACA) and is assigned a unique brand code. myFitment has differing subscription levels, and benefits, to correspond to the number of brands sold by a brand owner.

  • Brand owners with a small number of products who are simply looking for a no-frills approach to posting fitment to listings can achieve this with a BASIC subscription.
  • Brand owners who produce three brands or less will require a larger capacity PREFERRED subscription. These subscribers also enjoy the additional benefit of uploading large quantities of Fitment Copy records, significantly reducing the time to market after performing their research.
  • A PREMIUM subscription is appropriate for brand owners with up to 6 brands. This subscription level confers significant additional benefits to the seller, including the ability to convert fitment data between eBay and ACES (for Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.)
  • myFitment VIP subscriptions give customers the utmost functionality and flexibility at a negotiated price. VIP customers pay no eBay listing fees, can have an unlimited number of fitment records, and any number of brands in their subscription. VIP subscribers save thousands each month on eBay fees and receive unlimited Inquisitor services. Our VIP sellers enjoy the most high-performing listings at a fraction of the price, giving them a significant leg up on their competitors. VIP subscribers can host data for any number of brands in myFitment.