myFitment file upload validation processes give you detailed information on how to correct your upload

Occasionally you will upload a file only to discover that it has completed with a status of Error. While it may be tempting to create a support case to find out why immediately, myFitment has exposed the same details of why a file failed with an error.

Instead of waiting for the response to your support case, you can take immediate action to determine why your file failed. First, navigate to your uploads by clicking Upload in the menu at the top of your myFitment screen:

Once in the Upload screen, you will see two tabs. Click on the Previous Uploads tab to view a list of your uploaded files. (Note: Uploads older than 60 days are automatically purged from myFitment)

Once in the Previous Uploads screen, you will see your Uploads. To the right of each uploaded file name are several icons. Throughout myFitment, users can hover their mouse over an icon to see its function. Hover your mouse over the first icon:

You can see that it says, “View the log file.” The log file contains very detailed information on the processing of your uploaded file. Any errors that occurred will be detailed inside this file. These details will include the column and row of any incorrect information, along with instructions on how to correct the file. Click the log file icon:

This particular example is from myFitment’s ACES Flat File Upload Template. You can see above that myFitment’s log files show you each error, as well as the row number and the name of the column in which the error occurred. Use this information to correct your file and give it another try!