5 Tips for Increasing Traffic To Your Parts & Accessories

eBay MOTORS is the largest and most successful marketplace of automotive parts and accessories on the internet. This also means it’s an incredibly competitive marketplace, and the best sellers take advantage of every opportunity to get their listings in front of buyers. Sellers that keep the buyer experience foremost in their minds are the most successful. We’ve compiled a list of 5 actions sellers can take to ensure they are competitive.

Use Fitment

For parts and accessories, fitment has become “table stakes”. Every serious seller makes certain they have fitment on the maximum number of listings they sell that require it. Buyers using the Year/Make/Model part finder on eBay, or even the search box, are accessing the fitment information tied to listings. And if your fitment is correct and complete on your listing, it’s not necessary to include it in your title.

Use Great Titles

Descriptive, non-abbreviated titles are a key component of the data that sells parts and accessories. You only have 80 characters on eBay with which to work, but ensuring your fitment is complete will free up space to add colorful, descriptive terms in your title. Include in your title and listing description some user-friendly, non-technical keywords to help sell your item. Especially if you are mechanically-inclined or an enthusiast, you will benefit from taking a step back and wording your titles and descriptions in a way that appeals to the maximum number of people. After all, your item might be purchased as a gift! Remember not to “shout” at your buyers with all caps, and to use as much space as you are allotted to describe your items. If you are competitively priced and your sales are still flagging, see if there is anything your competition is doing that is aiding their success.

Price Competitively

Although price is not the only item on which to compete, ensuring you are in the “ballpark” with competing listings means that you have a chance at the sale. Where you are selling items that are sold widely by others, realize that only volume is going to bring in revenue. Pairing popular low-margin items with higher-margin items can help you avoid running afoul of MAP rules and still make reliable gross profit. While fitment can be a challenge for kits like this, myFitment’s “Kitment” solution makes it easy.

Shipping and Handling Matter

Shipping and handling matter more than ever. Buyers are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing a tracking number shortly after they’ve placed the order. And they want a reliable date on which that item will be delivered… preferably one that is no more than 48 hours away. While achieving 2-day shipping ideal, buyers would like that shipping to start today if possible. Advertising the hours at which same-day shipping ends can also build a sense of urgency to close the sale. Don’t forget to include an overnight option for buyers who might be in a situation where they need the item ASAP. They might be stuck on the side of the road and willing to pay to get it fast.

Handle Your Business

Completing the sale is great, but your service after the sale matters. Be prompt in answering your customers’ and prospective buyers’ questions and watch your feedback soar. Positive feedback is a huge boon to the successful seller, and outside of aiding your items in search, just builds you a solid base of repeat customers. Alternatively, negative feedback will kill your chances. Buyers on eBay are routinely used to seeing stores in excess of 99% on customer feedback. Every additional tenth you achieve beyond that helps.

The seller that masters these five points will have established a solid foundation on which to build his or her business, and established a moat that competitors must surmount before they can begin to compete. For information on how myFitment can help you get your listings in front of marketplace buyers, visit our homepage at https://myfitment.com or call us at 855-4FITMENT.