ACES XML to eBay MVL, and Vice Versa

myFitment makes the wildly popular eBay MOTORS community accessible to brand owners and resellers alike with their launch of automated data conversion for the two largest automotive marketplaces on the internet: and eBay MOTORS.

myFitment can consume ACES data, either via flat file format or in ACES XML and render eBay MVL fitment data via our fully automated solution. There’s no need to hire a programmer or request quotes for your fitment data conversion. Aftermarket sellers of every kind who have acquired or invested in their ACES aftermarket catalog data can now leverage that data on the eBay MOTORS platform as either one-time conversion, or part of an affordable monthly fee.

ACES to eBay

For large sellers, our Enterprise subscription allows you to convert your ACES data quickly and easily each month, ensuring peak performance of your eBay listings. Subscribers to myFitment’s Enterprise subscription level can interact with myFitment via either upload or secure FTP in order to transfer ACES files to our system for transformation. myFitment can communicate your eBay data:

  • In the form of a report
  • Directly to your eBay listings
  • To your listing management platform, such as ChannelAdvisor

Smaller sellers and brand owners can access these same features with a Premium account.

eBay to ACES

eBay MOTORS is the home for thousands of brands. Many brand owners and sellers in the past have invested heavily in the platform and designed all of their fitment around eBay’s MVL data standard. The great news is that eBay’s MVL is based directly on the ACES data standard! myFitment can transform your eBay fitment into ACES for Amazon quickly, easily, and affordably. If you are an eBay seller expanding into Amazon, contact myFitment today to find out how quickly and easily our ACES fitment-trained Customer Success Team can get your fitment data launched at Amazon.

eBay VIP

For automotive sellers who want to manage their data one time, in one place, contact myFitment about our VIP program. Along with native ACES mapping for the platform, you also receive:

  • Increased listing and inventory limits
  • Zero insertion fee
  • Listing subtitles at no charge (normally a $1.50 value!)
  • Unlimited myFitment Inquisitor

You can contact myFitment in any of the following ways:

  • Chat with us on our website, or through our support feature if you’re already a customer.
  • Reach out by email to
  • Give us a call at +1-855-4FITMENT (+1-855-434-8636)