Amazon Sellers: Part Types for Products

Each of your products needs a valid Part Type in order to send fitment to Amazon

Part Types for Products

Before you can apply fitment, Amazon requires that each of your products has a valid part type. These part types can be found in the table below. Whether keying products into myFitment, or performing a bulk upload, you must associate each part number with an entry from this list. Note: Exhaust any possible alias names for your product when searching in the list.

The list is under constant management, and it is unlikely, unless you sell a very unusual product, that your part type is not in the list. But it’s certainly possible, so please create a case in the myFitment Support system if you are unable to find a part type that matches your product.

Note: This list is reissued by the Auto Care Association every two weeks. Mostly, reissues consist of new part types being added. However, the industry association occasionally engages in clean-up activities that can result in invalidation of current part types. You will be notified if you are affected by this.

You can download the current Part Type List by visiting the Downloads and Templates section of the Help menu at the top of your myFitment screen.