Automotive eCommerce: Why Managing Compatibility Is an Ongoing Process

As a seller of auto parts, you’d be missing out if you aren’t already selling on at least two of the top ecommerce channels for selling auto parts and accessories – Amazon and eBay. These platforms are the most popular marketplaces for auto parts and accessories because they allow customers to search for parts based on a specific year/make/model, otherwise known as compatibility or fitment.

Fitment is particularly important in today’s automobile marketplace because the same auto parts and accessories may be used in different makes and models. Therefore, knowing all the vehicles that are compatible with the parts and accessories you sell is vital to your business.

eBay Motors is eBay’s dedicated site for vehicles and auto parts. One of its most impressive features is the search function called Parts Compatibility, which allows customers to search for any part based on fitment or compatibility with a specific vehicle. As the seller, you would add the fitments to the listings when you create them.

While eBay has Parts Compatibility, Amazon has Part Finder where customers can also search for parts by year/make/model. Whether you use eBay, Amazon, or both to sell your auto parts and accessories, Parts Compatibility and Part Finder save you time and money. Not only do you save time by not having to create separate listings for each compatible vehicle, but you also save big on insertion fees by creating just one listing for multiple compatible vehicles. The tools were also designed to maximize your search exposure and reduce the exposure of outdated, redundant listings.

Managing Compatibility for Your Parts and Accessories

Managing your compatibility is an ongoing process as vehicle standards change regularly. The success of your business relies on your product listings having the most accurate and current information.

Updates are periodically applied to master vehicle lists, particularly if new model years need to be added. Master vehicle lists can be found on both eBay and Amazon, and they list products by type and even geographic location. It’s crucial to your business to stay up to date on the changes to your supported vehicles, so you can review any vehicle make/model name changes or add any relevant new model years.

If you don’t regularly upkeep your data, you will eventually make it harder for potential customers to find your parts as their fitment data is no longer accurate and complete. There is no such thing as “Fit and Forget.” Any tool that implies this is possible simply does not understand the industry or the importance of fitment data as a business asset.

However, whether you use eBay or Amazon’s built-in tools, listing compatibility can be extremely labor-intensive. You’d have to spend a significant amount of time on adding just a few fitments for a single listing. myFitment’s entire solution is based around automation. We have hundreds of reports and Bulk Processes that will keep you competitive and running your online parts and accessories business efficiently. myFitment also performs monthly data revalidation against the most current list of valid vehicle configurations.

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