myFitment Announces Inquisitor

For Sellers of 3rd Party Brands

myFitment’s new Inquisitor™ feature will automatically apply catalog and manual fitment for existing and new customer listings on the eBay platform. Regardless of your listing management software, a myFitment subscription with Inquisitor™ guarantees that you will enjoy the maximum exposure for your automotive and powersports listings on eBay. Launch new listings from any listing management software platform without concern for adding fitment. And myFitment will always report your current fitment coverage on your myFitment Dashboard!

For Private Brands

Inquisitor can help with private brands also! If you can provide myFitment with competitor interchange numbers, Inquisitor™ can find fitment for your parts and accessories. Inquisitor can also consume data in nearly any format, with more being added each day.

And if you have raw fitment data in Excel or from any other source, myFitment Data Services can quickly and easily transform your data into ACES for Amazon and to eBay’s MVL.

How Fast Does It Work?

myFitment Inquisitor works now. Inquisitor will add fitment to your listings within the hour that you sign up. All it takes is a brief chat with our engineers to configure it for you, and you will see the results:

“After we loaded our eBay listings into MyFitment there were more than I expected that needed help. We work hard to get the best manual data we can find.  We were pleasantly surprised by the sales boost we experienced when the Inquisitor was activated. It was real and it was significant. It also has not stopped after 2 weeks. We are really happy with the early results and looking forward to doing more!”

Rod James

You can contact myFitment in any of the following ways:

  •      Chat with us on our website, or through our support feature if you’re already a customer.
  •      Reach out by email to
  •      Give us a call at +1-855-4FITMENT (+1-855-434-8636)