Should I Sell New or Used Motorcycle Parts?

You may consider selling both new and used bike parts. Selling the full range of motorcycle parts and accessories may help ensure that you cover all corners of the motorcycle parts marketplace. However, as a new seller, it’s best to focus on one type of product, so as not to overwhelm yourself.

The different types of motorcycle parts typically come with their own suppliers and target market. Understanding the different types of parts is the first step of determining which type of bike part to sell. In this guide, we will explain the range of different motorcycle parts. We will also compare new and used motorcycle parts by discussing the pros of each.

The Difference Between OEM, Aftermarket and Used Motorcycle Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are made by the same company that makes the motorcycle. For example, if you have a bike made by Harley Davidson, and you need a new oil tank or air filter, you would purchase the OEM parts directly from Harley Davidson or an authorized local dealer. When you choose to sell OEM parts, a parts distributor from the original motorcycle manufacturer will be your supplier.

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are made by third-party manufacturers. They are not connected to the original motorcycle manufacturer or authorized by the brand to make parts for their vehicles. However, aftermarket parts are legal because they still maintain quality and go through testing to achieve safety and performance compliance. 

Used motorcycle parts are also referred to as second-hand or recycled. They can be OEM or aftermarket. Used motorcycle parts are “harvested” from motorcycles that no longer work. This doesn’t mean the part itself is damaged; the part that is removed from the bike should still function. Some sellers of used parts may sell the part “as is” and will price accordingly. However, some used parts suppliers will go through the extra steps of cleaning and inspecting the part thoroughly for flaws and defects that may make it unsafe for the new owner. Pricing for used parts will vary and depend on quality, brand name, and market demand.

Advantages of New Motorcycle Parts  

Provide Peace of Mind – With the rise of counterfeit parts and poor-quality aftermarket products, there is a genuine fear in the buying and selling space. Customers will often try to save money, instead of paying top dollar, by buying motorcycles and motorcycle parts from whoever offers the cheapest price and covers the shipping cost. This results in technical issues and ill-fitting parts that come with no guarantee or warranty. 

Whether you’re selling new OEM parts or new aftermarket parts, the customer will have the confidence that the part not only comes from a reliable source, but that it is brand new and has not suffered from any wear and tear that may affect its performance. OEM parts and high-quality aftermarket parts are made with quality materials and undergo testing to ensure fit, function, health and safety, and performance.

Easier to Find Suppliers – There are more suppliers of new motorcycle parts than used parts. As a new seller, you will benefit from a reliable relationship with a supplier. When you are low on inventory, you need to be able to contact your supplier and replenish your stock quickly. The problem with used parts is that they may not always be available, and locating a supplier that carries a specific part may be challenging.

Sell for More – Some used vintage parts may sell for more than brand new aftermarket or OEM parts because they are rare. But for the most part, you can sell new motorcycle parts for more because they have never been used and come in their original packaging. For many customers, the confidence that they are buying a part that has not been potentially used and abused is enough reason to pay more.

Advantages of Used Motorcycle Parts

Cater to a Niche Market – There is a market of bike owners who want to keep their motorcycle as vintage as possible, particularly if they are restoring a classic motorcycle. Those working on vintage motorcycle restoration projects will be on the hunt for parts from the original maker of the motorcycle. Because the manufacturer may not make that model anymore, it will be close to impossible to find the part brand new, in original paint, and still in its original box. While these do exist in the world, they are very rare and will likely be equally as expensive.

Because of the scarcity of new parts for vintage motorcycles, many owners and restoration shops will settle for the next best thing – used parts. Used parts taken from a vintage motorcycle is the next best thing. It can be argued that the part still carries the heart and soul of the original. 

Guarantee a Perfect Fit – Many potential buyers hesitate to buy parts and accessories online because they worry about whether the part will fit their bike. 

When you sell used motorcycle parts, you can guarantee the part will fit the bike – provided you got the part from a reliable source. After all, if the part fits in the first motorcycle, then it will fit in the next bike, assuming the fitment data confirms the part is compatible. So before you sell your motorcycle parts, ensure you can provide accurate and complete fitment data. If you have an Amazon or eBay business for motorcycle parts and accessories, you can hire a third party provider of fitment data that will ensure your fitment information is updated regularly. 

Offer Better Prices – Compared to new parts, used motorcycle parts can be sold for cheaper. Therefore, you can attract a market that is looking for a better deal. Remember, you’re not selling an inferior product for cheap. Whether OEM or aftermarket, used motorcycle parts that have been inspected and tested carefully will still function as they should. But because they have been used and will likely not be sold in their original packing, their value may decrease.


Once you have become an established motorcycle parts seller in your niche, you can begin to sell various types of parts, ranging from used, aftermarket, and OEM parts. But if you are just starting out, it’s best to stick to one kind so you can secure trusted relationships with reliable suppliers. Used and new motorcycle parts come with their unique advantages. The choice of which to sell boils down to knowing your target market.