As a seller of auto parts and accessories, knowing which auto parts online are the most popular and which products auto parts retailers are the most purchased helps you stay competitive. To drive maximum sales and attract a bigger audience, you’ll want to figure out which categories perform the best, particularly on the platforms where you intend to sell auto parts online. And when it comes to the top websites to buy auto parts and accessories, eBay and Amazon come out on top. 

According to Global Sources’ analysis of the top sellers and most popular categories and products in online auto parts and accessories, the best-selling products change from month to month. But while there are changes in rankings, there are certain products that continue to dominate each month. For example, car tires always sit comfortably in the top 10, along with car DVRs. The following are some of the auto parts and accessories that make it to the top-selling products based on keyword research: 

Let’s take a look at what auto parts perform the best on the top eCommerce platforms, so you know what products are in high demand.

What Car Parts Sell the Most on Amazon? 

When it comes to auto parts and accessories online sales, Amazon is a behemoth. Therefore, knowing which automotive parts do the best on the platform will help set the standard for others who intend to participate in the automotive marketplace. Exterior parts, interior parts, and lighting and LED products are the three top-selling categories on Amazon. Here’s a closer look at the best-selling auto categories on Amazon. 

1. Exterior Parts and Accessories – The reality is that new car sales are on the decline due to the economy. However, just because car ownership rates have slowed, it doesn’t mean that auto parts sales are suffering. In fact, with fewer people buying new cars, consumers are opting to improve, customize, and upgrade their existing vehicles. For this reason, exterior parts and accessories are the most popular products in the auto parts marketplace. The best sellers in these categories are typically aftermarket accessories. Here are some of the most in-demand exterior parts and accessories on Amazon.  

2. Interior Parts and Accessories – Car upgrades and improvements aren’t limited to the exterior. Sellers on Amazon also have access to a special page that aggregates all the highest performing interior auto parts and accessories. Here are the top-performing interior auto parts and accessories on Amazon: 

3. Lighting and LED Products – LED lights and replacement headlights are some of the best-selling lighting products for vehicles on Amazon. 

LED lights for various replacement applications, such as:

While the following don’t perform as well as exterior parts, interior parts, and LED lighting products, there are other auto parts and accessories that still generate generous sales for Amazon and are worth mentioning: 

What Car Parts Sell the Most on eBay?

eBay has a category called eBay Motors that is dedicated to automotive sales. The marketplace was designed with features to make the online shopping experience easier for both consumers and eBay shoppers. When it comes to the most popular auto parts and accessory sales, eBay and Amazon are quite similar. Here’s a look at the top-selling car parts and auto accessories on eBay Motors: 

Aside from wheels, tires, suspension, exterior accessories, and lighting components, there are other categories that are responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for auto parts on eBay. These include:

Whether you plan to sell car parts online or auto accessories on eBay, Amazon, or your own auto parts eCommerce website, remember that selling the most popular products is just the start. With so much competition out there, you’ll need to follow best practices for online parts sales to ensure you stay relevant. Selling your auto parts and accessories online also means staying updated on trending topics in the industry, leveraging marketing tools and strategies like social media and digital marketing. Understand the target audience who is buying car parts online.  

When optimizing your auto parts store or eCommerce platform listings, make sure you use high-quality product images and clear titles and product descriptions. Use more than one product image to show the item’s many angles and details. 

To avoid confusion for people who buy auto parts online, pay attention to categorizing your products correctly to maximize your visibility when customers perform keyword research. Most importantly, remember that detailed fitment data is an essential aspect of auto parts eCommerce. Without providing information on year/make/model or compatibility, potential customers won’t know for sure if the part will fit their vehicle. At myFitment, we have decades of automotive aftermarket industry experience. myFitment helps you increase sales with clear, accurate fitment capability that eliminates buyers’ doubts as to whether the part will fit the intended vehicle. Ask us how we can help you identify opportunities, save time, smoke the competition, and build your brand.