What Is The Auto Care Association And Why You Should Become A Member?

What Is The Auto Care Association And Why You Should Become A Member

The Auto Care Association (ACA) is the leading trade organization representing the interests of automotive aftermarket professionals and suppliers. The ACA was founded in the late 90s with the mission to promote and protect the success of its members.

Today, there are thousands of businesses that are members of the ACA. There are many reasons why you should become a member of the ACA. Let’s take a closer look at some of those reasons, as well as delve a little bit into the Auto Care Association.

What is the Auto Care Association?

The Auto Care Association was established in 1999 from the consolidation of the Automotive Parts and Accessories Association (APAA) and the Automotive Service Industry Association (ASIA). The organization changed its name to Auto Care Association in 2014. Bill Hanvey is currently president and CEO, with a board of directors consisting of 13 members.

The Auto Care Association, based in Bethesda, MD, is a not-for-profit trade association. It consists of nearly 3,000 members and affiliate companies, which represent approximately 150,000 businesses that relate to motor vehicles in some way. This includes manufacturing, distributing, selling, and installing parts/accessories/tools/equipment related to motor vehicles.

The Auto Care Association is an organization that represents many different types of businesses in the auto industry, including suppliers, distributors, retailers, service providers, program groups, manufacturers’ representatives, educators, and publishers. The purpose of the association is to protect and promote the interests of these businesses.

The Auto Care Association is dedicated to ensuring that member businesses thrive through policy advocacy and market intelligence, both domestically and internationally. Their government affairs department represents the interests of the industry in front of legislators, agencies, and regulators on federal and state levels.

Additionally, their experts are always assessing trends for changes that could impact business decisions down the line – giving members an opportunity to stay ahead of their competition. Finally, those wanting to break into global markets can utilize ACA’s international program for guidance.

What does the ACA do?

The Auto Care Association is the leading voice for the auto care industry, which makes up $380 billion annually. They offer advocacy, education, networking opportunities, technology resources, market intelligence, and communications support to serve the collective interests of our members.

Their goal is to provide aftermarket automotive supplies and services – like selling motor vehicle parts or performing routine maintenance- that are reliable and affordable. The Auto Care Association strives to maintain its members as innovative and impactful businesses by serving them in various ways.

Their government affairs department is one way they do this, fighting for the industry’s interests before federal and state legislators and regulators. They advocate for policies that would be beneficial to their member businesses.

Their automotive aftermarket industry standards are used by some of the most well-known organizations in North America, and their eCommerce best practices can help lower costs and increase efficiency. They also offer a full calendar of education, meetings, events, tools, and resources to help develop their members’ professional skills.

The automotive aftermarket industry is constantly evolving, and the ACA team of experts work tirelessly to keep members informed about the latest trends. The international program assists companies seeking opportunities in lucrative global markets.

The auto care industry is made up of over half a million businesses, from small independent manufacturers and distributors to large repair shops and service providers. All of these professionals are dedicated to providing quality parts, products, and services for the nearly 290 million vehicles on the road today.

Why should you become a member of the ACA?

The Auto Care Association offers many benefits to its members, which include access to the ACES and PIES data standards, interactive data and market research, professional development, networking and events, advocacy on your behalf, and more.

Gain access to the ACA automotive aftermarket industry standards

The ACES and PIES data standards are essential for businesses that want to be able to share product information electronically with their customers and trading partners. The ACA developed these standards to ensure that everyone uses the same format for product data, making it easier for businesses to exchange information.

These data standards are essential in the automotive sector since it is constantly evolving. The ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) is a data specification that enables the transfer of product information between different software systems. The PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard) is a set of data elements that describe products in the automotive aftermarket.

The ACA offers ACES and PIES data standards to its members and training on how to use them. Members also have access to the ACA’s ACES and PIES data standards support team, who can answer any questions about using the standards.

Interactive data and market research

The ACA offers its members interactive data and market research tools that help businesses make informed decisions. The Auto Care Industry Dashboard is a web-based tool that provides real-time data on the automotive aftermarket industry.

The Auto Care market intelligence team also produces a range of reports on the industry, including the Auto Care Factbook, which is a comprehensive guide to the size and scope of the automotive aftermarket industry.

In addition, members have access to the Auto Care Association’s Market Intelligence Library, which contains over 200 reports on the automotive aftermarket industry.

Professional development

The ACA offers its members a range of professional development opportunities, including educational programs, networking events, and conferences. The Auto Care Association’s annual Auto Care convention is the largest gathering of auto care professionals in North America.

Members can also take advantage of the ACA’s Auto Care Career Center, which offers job seekers a range of resources, including a database of automotive aftermarket jobs.

The ACA also offers a range of online courses and webinars on topics such as leadership, marketing, and business management. These courses are designed to help members improve their skills and knowledge so they can grow their businesses.

Advocacy on your behalf

The Auto Care Association is the leading advocate for the automotive aftermarket industry. The ACA works to promote and protect the interests of its members by monitoring and influencing government policies and regulations.

The ACA’s government affairs team works with Congress, federal agencies, and state legislatures to ensure that the interests of the automotive aftermarket are represented. The ACA also lobbies on behalf of its members to ensure that the industry is not burdened with unnecessary regulations.

The Auto Care Association also works to raise awareness of the automotive aftermarket industry through its public relations and communications efforts. The ACA promotes the sector through the media, trade shows, and its website.

The Auto Care Association is the voice of the automotive aftermarket industry. By becoming a member, you can help the ACA fight for the interests of your business.

Expanding your business to international markets

The Auto Care Association offers its members a range of resources to help them expand their businesses to international markets. The ACA’s International Business Development team can provide you with market intelligence, advice on setting up your business in another country, and introductions to potential partners.

In addition, the ACA’s International Business Development team can provide you with customized market research reports, which are designed to help you understand the opportunities and challenges in specific international markets.

The Auto Care Association can help you take your business global. By becoming a member, you can access the resources you need to expand your business to new markets.

Networking and Events

As mentioned earlier, the Auto Care Association offers its members a range of networking opportunities, including its annual Auto Care convention, which is the largest gathering of auto care professionals in North America.

The Auto Care Association co-owns the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) – one of the largest annual trade shows for automotive aftermarket professionals. The AAPEX show is part of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW), which mainly happens during the first week of November at the Las Vegas Sands Expo Center. Around 162,000 international professionals participate in AAIW yearly.

AAPEX is co-owned by the Auto Care Association and the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), which falls under MEMA, or the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association. It’s a huge event that features more than 2,500 exhibitors, 5,500 booths, 50 AAPEXedu sessions, and approximately 47,000 targeted buyers from all over the world.

In addition to AAPEX, the Auto Care Association also hosts multiple other events throughout the year. This includes conferences for Women in Auto Care, ACPN Knowledge Exchange, Spring and Fall Leadership Days, Upholstery and Trim International Council Convention, and AWDA Conference.

The Auto Care Association is also a co-owner of HDAW: Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week. If you’re in the heavy-duty industry, HDAW is the largest North American gathering you don’t want to miss. Whether you are a distributor, supplier, service provider, educator, or work in industry media, this conference has something for everyone.


As the Auto Care Association continues to grow, so do the benefits of ACA membership. We encourage you to join today if you are not already a member.  

The Auto Care Association offers its members a wide range of benefits, including access to the ACES and PIES data standards, market research, professional development opportunities, networking events, and advocacy on your behalf. 

By becoming a member of the Auto Care Association, you can help support the automotive aftermarket industry and ensure that your business has the resources it needs to succeed.