Amazon and eBay are today’s gold standard when it comes to online auto parts supply thanks to their market penetration and huge customer base. Another major benefit that these eCommerce platforms have to offer is that they’re particularly efficient when combining your listings with fitment data. Every serious seller will ensure that they have fitment on as many of their listings as they require. Buyers using the Year/Make/Model part finder on eBay or Amazon are accessing fitment information tied to these listings.

That said, you’re still faced with the question of what auto parts and accessories you should sell. It’s important to remember that each of these two platforms – Amazon and eBay – has its own market, meaning that some parts may be selling better than others. As such, we will take a closer look at what accessories work best for each. 

Best Selling Auto Parts On Amazon

Putting aside some specialized niches like RV Parts or Commercial Equipment categories, which attract only a specialized niche within the industry, as well as some vehicle-specific categories like Replacement and Performance Parts, Amazon’s customers tend to favor the following three categories:

Other Automotive Parts on Amazon

While the three categories mentioned above tend to sell best, they are by no means the only ones that Amazon shoppers are looking to purchase. With a bit of fitment data integration, such as year, make, and model, you can also sell in-demand parts like: 

While these are not as popular as interior, exterior, and lighting components, they still have a lot of demand on Amazon and present an excellent opportunity to generate a ton of sales. 

Best Selling Auto Parts On eBay

When it comes to eBay, the list is somewhat similar to Amazon with a few exceptions. In the top three parts and accessories categories, we have: 

Like with Amazon, providing a bit of fitment integration to these components will go a long way. The same thing goes for other parts and accessories that have a stable demand on eBay. 

Other Automotive Parts on eBay

Aside from wheels, tires, suspension, exterior, and lighting components, there are other categories that work well on eBay. These include:

Amazon and eBay Best Practices for Selling Auto Parts & Accessories

Simply listing parts and accessories on Amazon or eBay, even if they are in high demand, will not guarantee tons of sales. To boost the effectiveness of your listings, we’ve put together a list of several best practices. 

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