What Type of Auto Parts Can I Sell on Amazon?

What Type of Auto Parts Can I Sell on Amazon

The auto parts industry is an enormous one. It’s also a highly competitive one that can be difficult to break into. However, if you’re looking for a way to get your business started and are considering Amazon, some auto parts are best suited for the platform.

When deciding which auto parts or accessories to sell on Amazon the first thing you need to do is determine what type of products sell the best. Is it original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket? There are benefits and drawbacks to both options, but this article will tell you how to make the right choice!

What Are the Benefits of Selling Auto Parts on Amazon?

As the most extensive online marketplace in the world, Amazon provides many opportunities for retailers to thrive. With millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of auto parts available, Amazon provides a great opportunity to expand your business. Many auto manufacturers have already joined the platform, which means that you can find premium products for reasonable prices on Amazon.

There are three key reasons you should consider selling on Amazon and utilizing this platform for automobile parts.

Large Customer Base – Every month, the Amazon marketplace attracts 214.8 million unique visitors across the world. You don’t have to laboriously attract customers one by one on this eCommerce platform if you join up as an online auto parts store. Once you get into the gated Automotive & Powersports category, you’ll notice a huge number of potential consumers at your disposal. Such a large consumer base will unquestionably be beneficial to your company!

Excellent Potential for Profits – Aside from the hundreds of millions of unique visits, it’s no surprise that Amazon generates billions of dollars in revenue. The car components, maintenance, and accessory department generated more than $10.3 billion in 2020. OEM replacement parts brought in nearly $1.9 billion.

Very Easy to Get Started – Despite the fact that there are numerous Amazon rules and standards to follow when opening a store, it is still a straightforward procedure. You won’t have to design or build your website or worry about marketing and advertising expenses. There are some requirements for documentation, pictures for your items, and accurate fitment data – no more, no less. Anyone can become a vendor on Amazon, which is both a benefit and a disadvantage depending on how you look at it.

What Auto Parts Should You Sell On Amazon?

The automotive aftermarket industry is valued at over $390 billion. There are many auto parts and accessories that you can sell on Amazon, but here are some of the best auto products to start selling today! In the automobile aftermarket, you have two choices of products to sell. Some are more simple to sell on Amazon than others.

  • OEM parts – OEM refers to a company that is approved and licensed by the original manufacturer to provide parts for that specific vehicle. OEM components are manufactured by a firm that has been authorized and licensed by the original manufacturer to supply parts for that automobile. Genuine parts are one type of OEM part, although they may also be referred to as replacement components. Because genuine parts are less expensive than OE components, they are more popular than them.
  • Aftermarket Components – Any automobile manufacturer, does not authorize third-party sellers to produce parts for them. Despite this, the third-party market on Amazon is highly competitive. If you’re not in the business of OEM components, you’ll have to work hard to stand out among other third-party retailers. To succeed in the Amazon Buy Box, your pricing must be competitive and your supply chain must be excellent.

On Amazon, however, there is no ‘used parts’ category. When dealing with used components, instead of the ‘used’ section, you must utilize the ‘refurbished’ area. Even though they are available for purchase, they still need a warranty.

Deciding On the Type of Product  

The next step is to decide which product type you’ll offer. Not all automobile components are made equal, and not all of them are as marketable on Amazon.

Some broad principles while looking for your niche include the following:

  • Aim to attract the average automobile user, not a professional mechanic or dealership owner. Overall, you shouldn’t expect much interaction with your potential client before they buy. They won’t want to contact you if they have queries about a part or accessory, and they won’t purchase the item that caught their attention.
  • Choose lightweight goods and send them carefully packed to your recipient.
  • An excellent choice for items that must be replaced regularly is to choose items like tires, spark plugs, brake discs and pads, and so on.
  • Customers will be grateful for components that are compatible with a wide range of makes and models. If someone can’t discover a component for their particular car, they’ll look for parts from other cars to fit it into. This is why high-quality compatibility data is important in your fitting information.

How to Best Sell Auto Parts on Amazon?

When it comes to specific types of auto parts and accessories, it can be hard to determine which ones are the best auto parts to sell on Amazon. It is also difficult to figure out if it’s better to go with original auto parts or aftermarket auto components when starting a new online business selling auto accessories and auto parts on Amazon.

In order for an online seller of auto parts, components, and accessories to make the most money possible by choosing between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versus alternative versions of those same products called aftermarket auto components, here is a list that may help:

Car batteries tend to sell well on Amazon but require lots of competition from other sellers due to their low price point. As such, often, they don’t turn as much profit compared with some higher-priced items.

When selling automotive accessories on Amazon, one of the most popular items is aftermarket auto headlamps and fog light assemblies. These auto part products have a great customer demand because they improve automobile functionality without violating any copyright laws or trademarks.

On Amazon, motor accessories and performance auto parts are extremely competitive. Even if you have your own brand, there will almost certainly be competitors with comparable items. To get people to your product page, getting to the top of the search results through excellent Amazon SEO is critical. After consumers discover your item, reviews are usually required in order to make a sale. To get their Amazon sales off the ground, sellers must also invest in PPC advertising and frequently need to continue promoting on an ongoing basis.

Typically, there is a significant delay between the time a buyer places an order for something and when they receive it from Amazon. Before making a purchase, buyers and merchants on Amazon rarely connect with one another. On Amazon, products that require expert pre-sale assistance are best avoided since customers may miss out on the opportunity to contact you and make an ill-informed purchase as a result. Canceling orders in violation of Amazon’s policies is considered extremely rude and will quickly damage your standing as a seller.

It’s also possible to be quite successful on Amazon if you are a reseller of other automobile parts brands. You’ll be competing with other vendors, as well as Amazon, for sales. Prepare to reduce prices and provide a wide range of items in order to increase the likelihood of making sales at a higher price when rivals are out of stock. If you run a salvage company, you won’t be able to sell used components on Amazon, so eBay will have to be your main focus.

The Role of Fitment in Selling Auto Parts on Amazon

A vehicle’s fitment is information on an automobile part that tells you which vehicle it fits. Fitment data are used by parts finders, compatibility testers, and vehicle lists displayed in online part listings to ensure that customers have acquired the correct component.

When selling auto parts on Amazon, you need to provide accurate fitment data. If the auto part is not performing correctly after it has been installed, customers will likely leave bad reviews for your product listing. One of the most important aspects when considering whether or not an auto part will sell well on Amazon is if there are enough different vehicles that use this type of component.

Selling auto parts on Amazon requires a little more work than just uploading products and waiting for orders because you have to make sure they’re correctly listed and accurately described before launching them to get good feedback from buyers who purchase them!

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