What Vehicles Do My Parts Fit?

When people need to buy auto parts, they look for ways to easily find and purchase products. Online marketplaces provide consumers a convenient way to find and buy what they need. With the click of a button, they can have the part delivered to them quickly.

Will it fit my car” is probably the most asked question by any customer who is looking for parts for their vehicle. Therefore, your success as a seller doesn’t just depend on your online presence.

For your business to remain competitive, you need to ensure your customers find you when you offer the specific parts they are searching. Therefore, your business’s success has a lot to do with the accuracy and completeness of the fitment data you add to your product listings. Fitment data is also known as compatibility, and it refers to the vehicle year/make/model and can expand to trim/submodel, engine, and so on. But how do you know which vehicles are compatible with your parts?

By creating a parts compatibility/fitment table, you will have a list of accessories and parts and all the vehicles with which they are associated. eBay provides a complete list of compatibility parts listings for vehicles and parts manufacturers. Part catalogs and master vehicle lists are periodically updated, making it important for you to stay updated on any changes relevant to the auto parts and accessories you sell. Failing to keep your fitment data accurate and complete could cost you customers. A fitment table saves you time and money as you only have to list the part once. It also allows you to perform fitment bulk updates.

If you’re a seller on eBay, you can set up compatibility by using categories. You will need to configure the make, model, year, trim/submodel, and engine to add compatible vehicles. eBay Motors has the following categories for parts compatibility:

  • Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
  • Powersports Vehicle Parts & Accessories (Motorcycles, ATVs, etc.)
  • Vintage Motorcycle Parts

Your parts compatibility/fitment table will also benefit you as a seller on Amazon. Fitment or ACES data drives Amazon Part Finder features such as the Shop Parts by Vehicle page, Part Finder Search Stripe, Compatibility Chart, and Your Garage. Amazon’s Part Finder also helps you determine which vehicles fit with fitment-specific products.

By having a list of compatible parts listed by year/make/model, you help customers easily search for the parts they are looking for on the platform where you sell your auto parts and accessories. myFitment is unique as it allows auto parts sellers to author and manage their data in one place for any ACES-compatible ecommerce platform. As a central database for your fitment data, myFitment helps sellers pull information from different sources by manual data entry with real-time validation and bulk data entry by uploading Excel spreadsheets.

myFitment has helped thousands of sellers create fitment for platforms such as eBay, Amazon, NewEgg, AutoZone, Wal-Mart, and many more. myFitment is a cost-effective alternative to expensive subscriptions or Windows-based software.

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