Benefits Of Selling Car Parts On Walmart

Benefits of Selling Car Parts on Walmart

Since Walmart joined forces with Advance Auto Parts in 2018, it has been a huge boon for retailers in the automotive aftermarket industry. At Walmart, car parts and accessories are sold alongside groceries, home goods, personal care items, apparel, and more. However, alongside AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts, Walmart has become one of the largest online retailers in this industry. Retailers that want to increase their revenue and broaden their brand awareness can sell car parts and components on Walmart.

Using an eCommerce platform such as Walmart is advantageous because it gives shoppers another way to find your products, particularly if they are not close enough to make a trip out to your brick-and-mortar store. Sellers can also list items for free when selling through Walmart’s website, which saves sellers money every month! Additionally, benefits include:

Walmart, one of the largest online retailers in the world today, is an excellent eCommerce platform for the automotive aftermarket industry. Walmart has been right alongside Amazon and eBay Motors as a top choice for many people looking to sell their car parts and accessories. This article will cover the benefits of selling on Walmart, among other things.

Why Should Retailers Sell Auto Parts on Walmart?

Online retailers stand a lot to gain from selling auto parts and accessories on As one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, selling car parts and components through Walmart can help grow your brand recognition exponentially. It provides benefits such as lower-cost entry into online sales and access to over 120 million active users who shop via shipping channels that reach this number every day.

That’s why it is essential for today’s small business owners to start building a presence on, to sell individual parts or components for car enthusiasts who have cars in need of replacement parts and are looking online for the best deals.

The Benefits of Selling Auto Parts on Walmart

There are several benefits when retailers decide to sell their automotive parts and components on Some benefits are as follows:

Strong Name Recognition

Walmart has huge name recognition within the United States. As such, those looking to sell auto parts and accessories on the platform will be able to tap into this strong name recognition. Walmart has a large online presence. As such, those looking to sell on Walmart will benefit from the company’s wide reach across the United States as well as internationally (online). With over 120 million people accessing the platform, automotive aftermarket retailers can tap into a market that is both vast and expansive.

With such a large following on social media like Facebook and Twitter, marketers of car parts will be able to leverage this strong presence to spread awareness of their products and generate more sales for themselves. It benefits companies looking to sell auto parts because it attracts customers from different locations through word-of-mouth marketing tactics carried out by current buyers. 

Ease of Use Across Multiple Channels

Walmart has made its website easy enough to navigate so people can shop across multiple platforms such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Because of this ease-of-use across multiple channels, customers can shop for auto parts on their computer at work or in the office when they get home from a long day. Alternatively, people can also make purchases using smartphones when they are out shopping or dining with friends and family members.

This benefits automotive aftermarket retailers because it allows them to sell more products online, which means higher sales volume and improved revenue generation (online). Automotive manufacturers will find that selling car parts is easier than ever before through Walmart’s platform as opposed to having to create separate websites where buyers have to go to purchase car components. In addition, marketplaces such as eBay Motors charge transaction fees, so merchants looking to sell their aftermarket products will benefit from the fact that Walmart does not charge merchants for transactions conducted through its platform.

Low Fees and Commissions for Sale of Auto Parts Online

Typically, retailers who decide to list their auto parts and accessories on Walmart are not required to pay any upfront fees or commissions to begin selling their products through the eCommerce giant. So long as they make at least $500 per month in sales within 60 days of signing up with them, they can avoid paying any monthly minimum fees. The only commission that Walmart charges is when an item sells successfully – typically between $0.12 and $0.35 per sale, depending on the selling price of the product itself (for example: if a customer is looking to purchase an item for $25 or less, then the commission would be at least $0.20).

Walmart’s Reputation as One of The Largest Online Retailers in America

As one of the largest retailers online within America – both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce alike – Walmart benefits from having a sterling reputation among those who shop with them regularly. This benefits those who decide to sell their auto parts through Walmart. They will have access to this strong name recognition that comes along with being able to tap into such a large pool across all 50 states and internationally (online).

Less Competition Than On eBay or Amazon

Amazon and eBay Motors both have a high amount of competition online, where there are many sellers selling the same product as everyone else. This benefits those who decide to sell their car parts through Walmart because buyers will find it easier to find what they’re looking for rather than having countless options from which to choose. Although Walmart still has a huge marketplace of over 70,000 sellers, and that number continues to rise, it doesn’t come anywhere as close to Amazon’s 2.4 million active sellers.

Walmart has fewer sellers than Amazon, which is advantageous to brands and vendors because it lowers the competition. Because there are fewer merchants competing for the position shown to improve sales, brands and businesses have a better chance of winning the Buy Box on Walmart’s marketplace than on Amazon’s.

Limitless Product Assortment

Walmart benefits from having an expansive product assortment that is available for sale. This helps those who decide to sell their car parts through Walmart because it means they have access to selling more different types of products than if they had chosen Amazon or eBay Motors as their eCommerce platform.

There are millions of items on the Walmart website, including auto parts and accessories for cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, and more. The sheer scale of the inventory makes it easy for customers shopping online to find whatever parts they need quickly and easily.

Walmart does not impose minimum or maximum SKU requirements on its marketplace. Brands and suppliers may use their entire catalog on Walmart Marketplace as long as their items are not on the platform’s prohibited product list. This feature is especially beneficial to companies with a wide product variety and inventory for all of their goods.

Create Your Own Return Policy

At Walmart Marketplace, brands and vendors can establish their return terms. Sellers have more control over return conditions and may create rules that are fair to consumers while also being beneficial to their company. In contrast, Amazon requires its merchants to have a return policy that conforms to or exceeds the requirements set by the company.

When businesses and vendors join to sell, they must create a return policy no longer than 4,000 characters. Because third-party sellers are in charge of fulfillment and customer service, a return policy is necessary.


These benefits, along with many others, make selling car parts on Walmart a great opportunity for retailers in the aftermarket industry to increase sales revenue by tapping into new consumer markets they previously did not have access to.

As one of the largest online retailers online, Walmart is an excellent eCommerce platform where you can sell your auto parts and accessories. Right alongside Amazon and eBay Motors in this regard, retailing on Walmart allows sellers to benefit from increased exposure via wide product variety at lower costs due to competitive pricing.

Together with myFitment, you will be able to take full advantage of what Walmart has to offer. Contact us today and learn more about how to sell auto parts and accessories online!