The Complete Guide To Selling Walmart Car Parts

The Complete Guide To Selling Walmart Car Parts

Walmart is a retail company with a wide range of products and services. It sells everything from food to clothing and electronics on its online store. However, Walmart also sells automobile parts! In reality, it is the third-largest internet marketplace behind only Amazon and eBay Motors. Every month, around 120 million people use Many of those who visit are looking for automotive components and accessories.

While selling automobile parts and components on Amazon and eBay Motors is a wonderful idea, disregarding Walmart might be costly to your business. The selling of car parts and accessories on the Walmart marketplace is a great way for retailers to grow their business. This guide will discuss why selling auto parts on Walmart is beneficial, the strategies that can help increase automotive aftermarket sales, and how you can use ACES and fitment data to sell car parts on

Why Retailers Should Sell Car Parts on Walmart Marketplace

Online retailers have a lot to gain from selling automobile parts and accessories on Selling car components and equipment through Walmart can help expand your brand recognition dramatically while also providing advantages such as lower-cost entry into online sales. You’ll also gain access to over 120 million active users who purchase via shipping channels that reach this number every day.

That is why, for today’s small business owners, is an essential platform to start developing a presence on. There are several advantages to selling automobile parts and components on Some of the benefits are as follows:

Brand Recognition

The Walmart brand has strong name recognition in the US and around the world. It is a good selling point to advertise your presence on such an established platform, especially when selling car parts and components online. Plus, establishing a large customer base with this reputable company can help you build trust among potential customers who will be willing to purchase from you again if they already know they like what you offer.

Low Fees

When selling car parts and accessories on, you do not have to pay a monthly fee or commission for your products to be displayed in search results when consumers look up items online. Walmart also doesn’t charge any listing fees when selling automotive aftermarket components through the marketplace website.

This setup is essential for small businesses that sell auto parts and components because it allows you to price competitively without adding extra costs to each sale made through the eCommerce platform.

Less Competition has less competition than selling car parts and accessories on eBay or Amazon, making it easier for you to stand out among other retailers selling similar items online. The marketplace tends to attract fewer sellers in the automotive industry than sites like eBay and Amazon because of its reputation as a reliable eCommerce platform that attracts big-name brands from across many industries.

Because fewer merchants are competing for the Buy Box on Walmart’s marketplace, brands and companies have a better chance of winning it than Amazon.

Limitless Product Assortment

Another selling point for selling car parts and accessories on is the ability to offer a wide variety of products without having to worry about selling out or running out of stock too quickly because you are selling through an eCommerce platform that allows endless product assortment.

This makes it easier than ever before to sell automotive aftermarket components and any other car parts, accessories, equipment, etc., online at all times. This is since there always will be customers looking for new items they can purchase from your store.

Create Your Own Return Policy

At Walmart Marketplace, sellers can set their return policies for the products they’re selling. So, suppose you have your store selling car parts and components elsewhere online or in a physical location with its own return policy. In that case, Walmart does not impose any requirements on this aspect of selling items through them. This is another reason why fewer sellers use Walmart’s eCommerce platform compared with other sites like eBay and Amazon. It gives retailers more flexibility when selling automotive aftermarket equipment.

For instance, let’s say you run an independent auto repair shop selling original replacement parts directly to customers who come into your store looking for help. You can sell these same types of car part replacements sold in your brick-and-mortar retail space on Walmart, but you have the option to set your own return policy for customers shopping online.

Increasing Your Car Part Sales on Walmart Marketplace

As eCommerce continues to rise, more and more retailers are selling their products online. Walmart Marketplace is one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces globally, with an estimated $13 billion+ sales volume per year.

The good news for automotive aftermarket companies is that every single product on Walmart’s marketplace (including cars) can be sold using ACES. This means your car parts will also show up on Walmart website searches like any other product offered by third-party sellers.

Because Walmart has a large customer base, there will be less competition than selling on other internet marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. This gives the merchant an edge since selling opportunities and pricing may be much lower, increasing sales. However, when offering auto parts and accessories through services like Walmart, sellers must be cautious because there is a lot to consider when marketing their goods effectively.

When selling with Walmart, retailers may employ a variety of methods to boost their sales.

Customer Communication is Key

It is important to communicate with customers to ensure they are satisfied and loyal. Walmart Marketplace has many features that help sellers find out about the customer experience, such as star ratings and product reviews.

This can also be done by selling car parts directly through your eCommerce store or adding product descriptions, so buyers will know exactly what kind of part they’re purchasing for their vehicle. You should also include images that show how the merchandise fits into its designated space since this helps reassure shoppers who may have questions before buying.

The more information you provide, the better: use media like videos and GIFs to demonstrate how new tires look after installation on different vehicles, which shows them what it looks like and how it looks. This kind of content gives the buyer a better sense of what they’re buying and leaves them feeling more confident about their purchase.

When selling car parts on Walmart, it is crucial to communicate with customers to build trust and increase sales. By offering clear product descriptions, images that show how the part fits onto the vehicle, media like videos or GIFs, buyers will be able to make more informed decisions before purchasing your products. This ultimately results in more revenue for you as an automotive aftermarket company selling goods through Walmart Marketplace.

Walmart marketplace offers many opportunities for increased sales when selling auto parts online. However, if sellers aren’t careful about marketing methods such as customer communication where high-resolution pictures are essential, selling car parts on Walmart Marketplace will not be as effective.

Focusing On a Niche of Auto Parts

Another approach to enhance sales is to stick to a certain niche of automobile parts and/or components rather than going broad. This selling technique will aid merchants in remaining focused on just one sort of product, which might boost sales considerably.

In addition to hybrids and electric cars, the automobile industry is seeing a rise in demand for automotive parts. Being a retailer of vehicle parts and accessories requires a unique understanding of your market. There are numerous choices available for specific goods that individuals may need when purchasing online. Suppose someone is searching for automotive oil filters, car batteries, or brake pads, for example. In that case, the store will have less competition than if they were looking for something like body kits or other big items with little buying activity in the marketplace.

Customers are more likely to buy something if they know exactly what it is that they’re seeking. This selling technique also allows customers to buy precisely what they want rather than waste time hunting through many different alternatives on Walmart’s website only to discover that it does not match their needs.

Keeping Fitment Compatibility Up-to-Date

Walmart requires all sellers to keep their catalogs up-to-date. This means selling car parts on Walmart Marketplace will only be successful if the seller has access to an extensive database that includes accurate fitment information for each product they offer.

This is especially important since customers who are not knowledgeable about auto mechanics may have questions regarding which part fits their vehicle, resulting in higher abandonment rates than when selling through other marketplaces where this kind of buyer behavior is less frequent.

This technique also helps buyers recognize brands that go well with certain vehicle models, fostering brand loyalty among customers who may return to your website later. If you have fitment data, you’ll be able to improve your exposure and sales, save time and money, as well as fewer product returns and more favorable feedback from clients. This selling approach may assist automotive parts stores in selling on Walmart. It will supply consumers with the information they need before purchasing an accessory for their vehicle or another sort of vehicle that they would not consider previously.

What Exactly Is Fitment Data?

Fitment data refers to all information regarding an aftermarket automobile product, including whether it may be installed in a vehicle. The compatibility of items is one of the most important criteria for businesses when comparing them. ACES was designed to store all this information in a database so that ACES XML may access it. However, complete control over fitment data is not feasible through ACES.

The importance of fitment data cannot be overstated. It ensures that customers get the right third-party or OEM parts and accessories, critical for automotive maintenance industries. This might be especially crucial for businesses selling items on websites such as, where consumers order online and expect to receive what they ordered. Before selling a product on their website or in-store inventory management system, auto part retailers can use Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard to verify fitment information.

What Is The ACES Data Standard?

The Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) is an industry-specific vehicle that allows participating manufacturers, ACES members, and ACES authorized third parties to exchange product information. Product data may be transmitted via seamless means between system participants who are compliant with the ACES framework.

Manufacturers in the automobile sector may exchange goods using the ACES protocol. Make, year, model, and other designations such as part type are included in these standards. Among the many compatibility details provided can also include engine type, transmission, fuel type, and more.

Several databases make up the ACES industry data standard.

  • The Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb)The VCdb maintained by the Auto Care Association contains approximately 60,000 distinct combinations of year/make/model vehicles from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Some of them can be traced back to before 1896 in the United States. For Canada and Mexico, data goes back to 1942 and 1961, respectively. Models dating from 1920 are included in ACES for Powersports vehicles.
  • The Parts Configuration Database (PCdb)The PCdb database collects aftermarket automobile-related goods sold by businesses. This database aims to make catalog storage and retrieval easier for auto manufacturers. This database may help you discover the process components you need for your vehicle more quickly. There will be fewer errors and interpretational gaps in how each item should be utilized when products are categorized correctly. As a result, customer experience improves as well.
  • The Qualifier database (Qdb) – The Qualified database, which is not a component of the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard, is a fully normalized and relational database that may be utilized with ACES. It helps to standardize fitted terms (qualifiers) used in e-cataloging and data searches and lookups. These qualifiers are required to ensure accuracy. Trading partners may load product information faster using these coded qualifiers, resulting in quicker sales and market speed. It also aids in the finding of suitable goods by reducing unnecessary returns.

It’s important to note that ACES files are frequently sent in an XML format. Each of these ACES XML documents will contain information about one brand, and aftermarket companies should examine their aftermarket data against the ACES standard to ensure it is genuine and correct. If any fitment data is missing, it’s known as an “application hole” in the company, which may result in lost sales opportunities.

How To Use Fitment Data and the ACES Standard To Sell Car Parts on

Walmart allows automobile aftermarket parts businesses to sell their Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard ACES catalogs on the automotive eCommerce platform, in addition to Powersports Support and RevolutionParts. Both platforms mentioned above assist merchants by allowing them to upload Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard ACES data. Car parts and accessories may now be sold on Walmart’s marketplace once the ACES data has been submitted.

The Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard establishes a reasonable fitment standard for each OEM vehicle, making it easier for customers to locate the third-part or OEM parts they need when browsing the internet at Walmart or any other website where Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard ACES part catalogs have been listed by automobile part retailers.

While the specifics of how each program was created and built will vary, using such data management systems should be straightforward. The system should also be able to link you with every car type currently accessible in the Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb), as well as product data from the PCdb and Product Attribute database (PAdb).

If you’re using a third-party catalog data management tool to maintain your ACES data, you should be able to get frequent health checks on it to verify that it is still viable. These thorough product and application data health checks will almost certainly reveal any issues and correct them in most cases. Additional reporting capabilities are available as more sophisticated solutions. For example, you can use them to discover methods to include extra information in line with your existing coverage goals.

How myFitment Will Help

Third-party software solutions, like myFitment, ensure that your fitment data is correct and complete while also being in the proper format for Walmart, Amazon, eBay, or your own automobile parts and accessories website. You may immediately fix any mistakes by keeping your vehicle listings current and compliant with fitting compatibility information. This implies enhanced buyer convenience, decreased return rates, and increased profits for your Walmart items advertising.

The complete myFitment solution is based on automation and includes hundreds of reports and bulk processes. Most importantly, myFitment compares your fitment information to the most up-to-date list of compatible ACES vehicle configurations. This means that even if you do not update your Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard for sale on Walmart, your data will stay up to date and relevant.

Customers must first determine whether the part fits their vehicle before purchasing from Walmart, eBay Motors, Amazon, or another automobile parts and accessories vendor. Online sales of automobile components and accessories depend on component compatibility.

For over a decade, myFitment has handled fitment on a large scale, delivering nearly 1.5 billion lines of fitment data for over 25 million products. Do you handle automobile components on eBay? Are you presently selling on Amazon? Do you want to learn more about Amazon or eBay Motors vehicle fitment compatibility and how to make sure your master vehicle lists are correct and comprehensive?You may use myFitment with Walmart to get the most out of what it has to offer. Contact us today and learn more about how to use the ACES data standard to sell auto parts and accessories on Walmart, your own website, and other eCommerce marketplaces.