Creating a website in this day and age, be it an auto parts one or otherwise, has come a long way over the past several years. If you have a particular design in mind and need a website, you can create one pretty easily.   

You have access to numerous free templates, pre-made designs, and website builders that will help you get your business online pretty quickly. However, basing your entire auto parts website on a template can often lead to some bad design decisions. It would be just like basing your whole business on a single vehicle. 

That said, here are several steps to help you build a highly functional auto parts website that your business needs, without needing to be an expert in the matter. 


The first step in designing such a website is strategy. Instead of taking a haphazard approach, you should start by analyzing what you need from your website, what assets you possess, and budgeting for maximum effectiveness. So, let’s break this down:

What You Need for Your Auto Parts Website

There are several elements that will go into your website. We will provide you with a short rundown of what these are. 

Design Your Website

Once you’ve downloaded WordPress to your domain, you can choose from a wide selection of auto parts themes (templates). You can get even more themes on the WordPress Repository or ThemeForest. Know that many of these themes bundle functionality with design. If there’s too much functionality, you are locked into the template. Nevertheless, WordPress allows for additional functionality via its plugins.

Using a good template will make the process pretty straightforward. Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows for easy, drag-and-drop page-building functionality.  Don’t forget to keep your needs and functionalities top-of-mind when designing your website. When it comes to auto parts websites, product pages and checkouts are typically the most important. Keep in mind that most visitors will also be using mobile devices. This means high-quality images that load quickly, easily scannable content, easy-to-navigate layout, and a simple checkout process. 

Market Your Auto Parts Website

Last but not least, you should also look to feature your listings on eBay and Amazon. While your website will act as a digital hub, you can’t expect too many people to come to it directly. By using fitment, you will help boost online sales by reducing customer questions. 

For information on how myFitment can help you get your website and listings in front of marketplace buyers, visit our homepage at or call us at 855-4FITMENT.