How Can I Get Free Listings on eBay?

If you’re looking to become an online auto parts seller, eBay MOTORS is the perfect place to start. Among the largest and most successful e-commerce platforms for automotive parts on the internet, eBay will offer you ample opportunities to grow your business like never before. That said, the platform is also extremely competitive. This means that you will need to take advantage of every opportunity to get your listings in front of buyers. 

One of these opportunities is the free listings eBay offers. Known better as zero insertion fee listings, a certain number of these free listings will be given to eBay sellers every month. You’ll still have to pay insertion fees after you’ve used your free listings, however. 

Main eBay Seller Fees

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve put together the three main eBay seller fees. These are:

  • eBay Insertion Fees – Insertion fees are basically listing fees. You will be paying for every listing you have on the platform, with the exception of the free ones. 
  • eBay Final Value Fees – This fee will be based on the subtotal amount you charge per item, including shipping and handling. You can think of it as a broker’s fee eBay is charging for putting you in contact with the buyer. 
  • eBay Listing Upgrade Fees – These fees will apply to sellers who decided to use additional features from eBay. These can include things like listing your products under more than one category or promoting your listings in search results, among others. 

eBay Free Listings 

As we said, eBay will require an insertion fee every time you list a new product per category, no matter the quantity. That said, eBay does allow sellers to list items without having to pay this insertion fee via its zero insertion fee listings. The number of these free monthly listings will depend on your eBay status, such as whether or not you have a store and what type of store you have. 

These are as follows: 

  • No Store package – Up to 50 free listings.
  • Starter Store package – Up to 100 free listings.
  • Basic Store package – Up to 250 free listings.
  • Premium Store package – Up to 1,000 free listings.
  • Anchor Store package – Up to 10,000 free listings.
  • Enterprise Store package – Up to 100,000 free listings.

Top Tip: Occasionally, eBay will have some promotional offers with free listings. Stay on top of them by keeping an eye on its Seller Center and your Messages inbox.

What You Need To Know About eBay’s Free Listings

Now, just because these listings will be free, you will still have to pay a final value fee when you sell an item. You’ll also be charged listing upgrade fees if you choose one or more of the additional features like adding a subtitle, listing in two categories, shipping labels through eBay, etc. 

Also, if you don’t have a store package, the free listings you receive will only be available in the country of your registered address. So, if you’re registered in the US, you’ll only have free listings available on the US version of eBay. Also, you can only add up to 12 pictures per listing for free. All existing selling limits will still apply to your account, which can sometimes prevent you from creating the maximum number of listings available with your particular Store subscription.

Unfortunately, certain categories don’t qualify for free listings. When it comes to MOTORS categories, Boats, Cars & Trucks, Motorcycles, Other Vehicles & Trailers, and Powersports are not eligible. 

eBay Selling Limits and Free Listings

Selling limits will be based on the type of store package you own. New sellers have a 10 item selling limit with a total value of $500 per month, which means you can only sell ten items for no more than $500. This means you can only sell 10 items for no more than $500. This limitation is standard for all new eBay sellers and will take into account all the items you have in your listings. So, if you have two listings, one with one item and the second with nine items, it still counts as ten items.  

If you’ve reached your limit, you will not be able to raise prices, create additional listings, or add items to your listing until the next calendar month.

Under no circumstances should you try to use another account for sales. This is a violation of eBay’s policy, and all of your accounts will be suspended indefinitely.

To see your selling limit, you go to My eBay, open the Activity tab, and look in the Sell section, then click on the All Selling button. You will find the Monthly limits section that will show you your current limit. Your limit will be raised automatically based on your sales volume and items’ total value. 

So what about your free listings; you may ask. Well, their number will not be related to your account’s selling limit. If you’ve registered on eBay, you will get 50 free listings per month and won’t be charged any insertion fees on these listings. You will, however, have to pay insertion fees if you pass this number. 

So, if you listed 55 items during a month, you may be charged insertion fees for those extra five listings. This offer may differ on other eBay sites. In any case, your free listings will not be able to exceed your selling limit. So, even though you get 50 free listings per month, you still can list more than ten items or go over $500 per month.

To check how many free listings you got:

  • Go to My eBay.
  • Open the Activity tab.
  • In the Sell section, click on the All Selling.
  • The Promotional Offers section will tell you the exact number of free listings you have.

These selling limits are there to help eBay sellers avoid too many mistakes when they’re starting, and keep the platform free of dishonesty and unprofessional sellers. Free listings will help you grow your automotive business much faster The eBay seller that knows how to leverage free listings and work around their limits will establish a solid foundation on which to build his or her business. For information on how myFitment can help you get your listings in front of marketplace buyers, visit our homepage at or call us at 855-4FITMENT.