The Definitive Guide To Opening An Amazon Auto Parts Store

The Definitive Guide To Opening An Amazon Auto Parts Store

The aftermarket auto sector is a great place to start a business for those who wish to do so. Auto parts retailers may either develop their website and store or join an existing eCommerce market such as Amazon, eBay Motors, or Walmart to establish their own automobile parts firm.

Amazon is the most popular online marketplace for sellers of automobile parts and accessories. Amazon has a large client base that is looking to purchase a wide range of car goods. Amazon also provides a platform that allows businesses to sell auto parts immediately without developing their own website.

Amazon is a robust marketplace for selling goods and services. Amazon has established itself as the top platform to sell products and services by providing sellers with all they need to compete. As an entrepreneur, selling on Amazon might be a fantastic way to reach more consumers. Many entrepreneurs have started online businesses selling automobile parts and accessories. This post will go through how to start selling auto parts on Amazon using simple methods.

Amazon offers such a wide range of goods that customers can discover anything they need to improve their automobile, including headlights, seat covers, battery chargers, spark plugs, brake pads, and more. If you’re thinking about selling auto components on Amazon, there are several advantages to consider:

What Are The Benefits of Selling Auto Parts Online on Amazon?

Amazon offers a wealth of advantages for businesses and retailers when it comes to online auto parts sales. Amazon is one of the most well-known internet marketplaces globally, with millions of customers buying their products regularly. If you want to sell automobile parts or accessories on Amazon, there are several good reasons why it’s worth your while. If you are looking to sell auto parts online, it’s important to be aware of Amazon’s benefits.

Get Access to Many Potential Customers

First of all, selling on Amazon is a great way to reach more customers. According to recent studies, almost half of Americans are regular Amazon shoppers. This means that by selling your products through the website, you are opening up your business to an audience of over 100 million potential buyers!

You don’t have to go out of your way to attract each client one at a time since you’ll have immediate access to all of them. When you log in to Amazon’s automobile sector, the Automotive & Powersports category is immediately accessible. It can also assist your brand in growing its customer list. When potential customers come to Amazon, their first objective is to find parts that fit their car models rather than just one business or several major brands. This trend might be pretty advantageous for new vendors.

It’s up to you to convert them into repeat customers. Your company will undoubtedly profit from such a vast consumer base!

Immediate Access To Customer Support

Secondly, selling auto parts online with Amazon provides access to extensive customer support and guarantees fast delivery times for orders placed in the US and across many other nations worldwide. This will ensure that you keep negative customer reviews at a minimum, while positive ones will keep coming. This means that your overall selling reputation will continue to grow, especially if you provide fast shipping.

Fulfillment By Amazon

Thirdly, when selling car parts or accessories on the Amazon marketplace, there’s not necessarily the need for businesses themselves to invest in inventory management software because it comes included in their deal. Any items sold using Fulfillment By Amazon will be stored at one of its warehouses until they’re ready for shipment.

When it comes to small businesses, cutting down on expenses is key to business growth. Investing in inventory management software can be costly for some companies, and selling on Amazon eliminates that need.

Picking items to sell on Amazon isn’t the only task you’ll have with selling car parts or accessories online. Another step is picking a product packaging design that will help convince customers to buy your products. Fulfillment By Amazon will eliminate this worry as well.

No Problems Getting Start and

There are several Amazon regulations and standards to follow when establishing a store, but it is still a simple procedure. You won’t necessarily have to build or develop your independent website, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising. Amazon merely requires some documentation, compliant product pictures, and accurate fitment information.

Minimal Marketing Investments

Amazon has become one of the major marketplaces due to its large customer base. Thousands of consumers visit Amazon every day, so it’s no surprise that many retailers are willing to join their ranks. You can start selling automobile parts online right now and without spending any money on advertising. Because Amazon’s site acts as its own search engine, potential customers will come across your products that they’re interested in.

However, with so many third-party sellers on the platform, competition on Amazon can be fierce, so you’ll need to set yourself apart. You can increase your chances of gaining greater access to Amazon’s huge client database by investing more time and effort into optimizing your listings.

How To Become an Auto Parts Seller on Amazon

You’ll need to register for a seller account on Seller Central and sign up for the Professional selling plan to sell on Amazon. Only Professional Sellers are allowed to sell goods in Automotive & Powersports.

A Professional Seller may list automobile parts to sell in more than 30 categories, which is ten more than if you were an Individual Seller. The Professional plan allows you to offer an infinite number of items for sale. A $39.99 yearly subscription is necessary. Once you’ve created your Amazon account, the Auto Parts & Auto Accessories area will be unlocked.

Abiding by Amazon’s Regulations

The first thing you need to do to sell auto parts online on Amazon is to abide by all compliance policies and selling rules. Amazon has an evolving list of prohibited product listings that you need to follow to sell your auto parts on the website without any problems. Items such as automotive-related DVDs & CDs, computer software, video games (console), motorized vehicles (gasoline-powered), and more are not allowed for sale on Amazon’s platform. You can find a complete list of banned products here: Amazon Restricted Products Policy.

You also need to make sure you enter all required information while listing your items up for sale online. This includes creating a unique brand name and entering accurate business details like Business Tax ID number and business address etc. If anything is missing or inaccurate, it might get your store suspended by Amazon after several warnings.

Verify that all of the goods you wish to sell are legal in your region, state, federal, and international jurisdictions. To help you boost online sales, Amazon has unique product picture criteria. The higher quality of your photos will help you attract more potential customers.

The picture must be the cover art or a high-resolution photograph of the product based on the product identifier or with the primary variant. You can’t utilize pictures or illustrations of the item. The image should primarily focus on the product and avoid including any unrelated accessories.

Getting Amazon’s Approval

To sell automobile parts, tools, equipment, and accessories on Amazon, you must first obtain permission. To be considered for selling automobile and Powersports items as a Professional seller on the Professional selling plan, your account should be in good standing. However, if you’re not already a Professional Seller on the eCommerce platform, Amazon can also analyze your own website.

Manage Your Product Listings

Manage listings and utilize sales tools for a successful auto parts store once your Auto Parts Seller on Amazon account has been accepted. Take things one product at a time, as if you were selling them on your website, as the first approach to managing listings. If you’re selling components on Amazon in small quantities, you can do it manually and describe item specifics one product at a time. If you have a lot of items on Amazon, you can use the bulk upload feature.

You will also need to consider the accuracy of your fitment data and the quality of your product images. In addition, you’ll need to manage selling on Amazon’s platform and be aware of selling fees for selling automobile parts online through their website.

To list a new item or update an existing one, log in to your account, click Add New Item under Inventory menu, and select the corresponding category from drop-down lists. Fill out all relevant fields with accurate information about this part/item you’re selling. Ensure it matches precisely with its description; otherwise, it might get your store suspended by Amazon. Enter a brand name (if there is no manufacturer), model number (if applicable), unit price, upload image(s), and hit the Save & Finish button at the bottom when done.

It is, nevertheless, critical that you maintain a few essential tools, such as inventory management software, customer tracking software, and fitment data systems, if you want your Amazon store to thrive.

What Type of Software To Use When Managing an Amazon Auto Parts Store

When you’re selling parts and components on Amazon, it’s indicated that you are selling through Amazon’s platform. As a result, you will have access to Seller Central software that allows you to manage your orders and inventory efficiently online.

Additionally, there are several software solutions to assist with inventory management, clients (i.e., customer relationship management), and fitment data management. Among the most prevalent problems that eCommerce website retailers confront today is managing and maintaining accurate fitment data. Auto part merchants may significantly enhance their chances of successful sales on Amazon by ensuring that auto parts are correctly described, and size information is correct.

Another problem that auto parts shops confront is managing inventory, selling items, advertising, getting a better sense of their clients, and more. Here are some of the software that people in the automobile sector may use to run an Amazon auto parts business.

Order Processing Software

While Amazon handles the payment processing and can also handle shipping for auto parts merchants selling on the site, they do not have a service that handles order processing.

In instances where you are selling online via your own eCommerce store or through an internet vendor account with Amazon, then you must decide upon a software system that will allow you to take orders from customers, print packing slips/shipping labels automatically, as well as communicate back to clients about their purchase in real-time. There are several options available when searching for order management solutions, including Shopify and BigCommerce. Both alternatives offer relatively inexpensive plans and may be used by new businesses starting out selling on Amazon.  

Inventory Management Software

Keeping track of automobile components and accessories inventory is essential for auto part retailers, particularly on Amazon. More than 200 million products are available on Amazon’s marketplace alone (not including eBay or other third-party selling sites). Keeping track of your warehouse stock levels across all channels at the same time may be difficult without the appropriate software tools.

The auto parts inventory software provides you with real-time data on what’s going into and out of storage by automobile part store location, as well as how much stock is available from those locations. Auto part online stores will also want real-time pricing information about any price fluctuations so that they can stay competitive by discounting their products. Managing stocks may be difficult, but keeping track of automotive part inventories should be simple for shops that maintain them in sync with Amazon to avoid any problems.

Customer Tracking Software

When it comes to selling automobile parts on Amazon, keep in mind that you can have the same relationship with your consumers as if you were selling to them directly. This means you’ll have a more challenging time converting current customers into repeat buyers, which is critical to establishing a successful company.

Because of this, you’ll require software that can keep track of automobile parts and accessory consumers so that auto parts stores may identify who is returning to buy from them again. This customer tracking software will also assist an online store in determining the most profitable deals. It does this by utilizing data that reveals where they get the highest returns on each sale and which goods are selling at a higher rate than others.

Automotive aftermarket parts and accessories software will assist auto-part retailers in determining which products are most popular among their consumers. This will allow them to keep adding new stock while ensuring their inventory has adequate levels of each item in demand.

Finally, auto-part businesses should use customer relationship management software to guarantee that their clients are satisfied with the service they receive by leaving positive feedback for each order.

Auto Parts Database Software

Dealerships that sell aftermarket automobile parts deal with data in various methods than other businesses. This is to underscore the importance of fitment information. You want to ensure your clients get the right part for their car, regardless of the model year or manufacturer.

So it is crucial to quickly access data of inventory, order history, and selling information. This makes business management software essential for the success of selling car parts on Amazon.

Many components and accessories fit various automobiles, but there are also several circumstances when parts don’t match. Negative feedback, product return, and extra costs on both sides can result if you supply a component that doesn’t fit the customer’s vehicle. This database system will assist automobile part dealers in maintaining records of all their items, including automobile accessories and automotive components, in ensuring they’re providing the correct goods for each client.

This type of software helps you maintain complete, accurate, and consistent data for your website, eBay, or Amazon. It ensures that your car part listings are always up to date with compatibility information. This will improve consumer experience by increasing vehicle part sales and decreasing return rates on automobile part advertisements.


While selling on Amazon has its definite benefits, always keeping your fitment information accurate and up-to-date is essential. This is especially true if you have specific brands or parts listed under different part numbers with variations in UPCs.

As a seller on Amazon, having an up-to-date parts compatibility/fitment table is a must. The Shop Parts by Vehicle page, Part Finder Search Stripe, Compatibility Chart, and Your Garage are all features that provide fitment data. Customers may use the Part Finder button on Amazon to look for compatible vehicles.

Customers will be able to search for the parts they need on your auto parts market store if you provide a list of compatible components by year/make/model. Auto component manufacturers can use myFitment to manage and develop their data in one location for any ACES-compatible eCommerce solution.

myFitment is a fitment repository that allows vendors to bulk-enter data from different sources into Excel spreadsheets and submit them for verification. Thousands of merchants utilize myFitment to sell automobile parts on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. myFitment is a less expensive option than expensive memberships or Windows-based software. Contact us today for more information!